Friday, August 17, 2007

Cowboy Mouth!!!!!!

Me getting ready to meet fred (Thumbs up!)

this is the lead singer/drummer fred

Me (on the left) and my buddy Danny

My wife Helen and Fred (the drummer/singer)

Ok guys, sorry it's been so long since I last blogged but things have been crazy since the wedding. Anyway, I am blogging because about a week before the wedding we went to Charlottesville and got to see one of our favorite bands. It was fucking nuts! I am telling you right now that if they ever come to your area you HAVE to go see them. I promise that you will have a blast if you like live music. I don't really know how to add all the sweet link but I am going to try. I am also going to try and post a few pics.
PS> They are coming to Richmond on Sept. 13th and we will be there!!!
PS> Their newest album is VOODOO SHOPPE

Wednesday, August 15, 2007



Please God, give us the Chevy "This is OOOOOOOUUUUUUR Country" back!!! We didn't mean it!


(I saw this first during the Chargers pre-season game the other night, and I fear it will be played one hundred billion times this football season)

Friday, August 10, 2007

Ramblings of Note

This edition of Ramblings of Note inspired by Awful Chief (Check Out My HEMI): The Lions Should Really Play in the Canadian Football League

Funniest. Fantasy. Football. Post. Ever (Kissing Suzy Kolber): AHHHHHH!!!! FRANK GORE BROKE HIS F--KING HAND!!!! brings you The Top 10 QB's of the Last 25 Years

Some people are beginning to ponder: Does Tebow Suck? The Gators think he does (Loser With Socks)

Finally, the truth: the reason for the famous strip club visit by Pacman Jones on the eve of his meeting with Pastor Roger Goodell- the food, man. (Larry Brown Sports)

Fantasy Football Draft Recap: Tank Johnson Desert Classic on Yahoo! Fantasy Sports- The guys from KSK, Shanoff, Will Leitch, NOIS, With Leather, EDSBS, Mighty MJD...I'm callin' Unsilent Majority for the win.

Look out Sondog, Bibby's brother told this dude he might want to play in Cleveland... (Log's Blog)

Ray Ankiel (not the guy from Ace Ventura) made Tony LaRussa cry with his home run. (the Pig Pen)

Yes, someone has already thought of a Michael Vick Dog Chew Toy. Damn. (Music City Miracles)

Sunday, August 05, 2007


A few random thoughts on last night's big event:

  • You stay classy, San Diego -- Classy, classy fans in San Diego. No syringes tossed on to the field. No boos. No "this is the worst moment in sports history! Think of the kids! The KIDS!!!!!" lunatic reasoning. Just a standing ovation and cheers. Ron Burgandy was right.

  • In the end, San Diego makes sense -- Bonds has hit more home runs in San Diego than in any other city in his career (other than San Francisco, of course). 756 will come at home where people will rejoice and dance and drink and all will be good. Nevertheless, San Diego was fitting for 755

  • It feels like the very first time. Oh it feels, it feels like the first time. Yeah it feels like the first time -- You know, I just can't concentrate when I get a Foreigner song stuck in my head. The opposite field shot -- just like Bonds' first career homer -- felt like the first time (give or take 95 pounds and a bad case of bacne).

  • "Save Until I Delete" was made for this -- There's a lot of crap saved in my TiVo, but this game will be there forever. Only two other Bonds' homers have reached the Save Until I Delete designation in my personal television version of the Hall of Fame. One is a game in Denver where the crowd was booing before a Bonds at bat, yet the television cameras focused on two Giants fans joyously celebrating. Those fans were DMo and myself. Next pitch: Gone. The other homer was Bonds blast off of an Eric Gagne 100 mph heater. Power vs. Power. Juice vs. Juice. The epitome of baseball for the last 15 years.

Friday, August 03, 2007

His Nickname is "The Bomb"

And he's not the King of Spain, either. But he is yet another voyage into the international arena for the Memphis Grizzlies. Pau Gasol has his buddy, and no reason to whine this year. Beale Street is gearing up for some serious basketball this year.

Juan Carlos Navarro. "La Bomba". Should be interesting to hear that rattled off in downtown Memphis. The deal is reportedly in exchange for "a lottery protected first round pick."(

Drafted by Washington in the second round of the 2002 NBA Draft, having played in Spain for FC Barcelona since 1997 (at age 17), Navarro will become a valuable asset right away.

Nice work.

Bonds needs to break the record so reporters can stop talking about it and start talking about how they couldn't stop talking about it

Or something like that. At least, that's according to Mark Kriegel of

Mark Kriegel: "Hey, I don't like Barry Bonds. Thought you should know that I'm bored."
Waiting for Barry Bonds to hit a homer has quickly become the most dreadful ritual in sports. In keeping with my wise friend's metaphor, it lacks the requisite feeling. It lacks passion.

It lacks so much passion that Kriegel feels passionate enough to write about it.

You could feel it from the press box, the mass resignation, the lack of drama.
As it pertains to Bonds tying and breaking Hank Aaron's home run record, everybody knows the deal:
-It is inevitable.
-It is tainted.
-It is what it is.
So, please, let's get it over with.

Yes, let's get it over with so we can write about how it was insane that we are captivated by it and can't stop talking about it. Then we can talk about how we couldn't stop talking about why we couldn't stop... and I've gone cross-eyed.

The rest of us were kind of bored, though. The highlight of the evening was Bonds' six-pitch at-bat in the first. He actually got a couple of pitches to foul off.

As it ended — with another Bonds walk — my friend the learned baseball man let out a sigh of relief. The excitement was almost too much for him.
"Whew," he said. "I think I need a cigarette after that one."
This has to end.
C'mon Barry. I'm rooting for you.

Hilarious commentary from Kriegel's "learned baseball man" aside, I can't quite figure out why sportswriters keep writing about how they're tired of writing about Bonds. Take last night's game, for example. You know, the Dodgers/Giants rivalry, the fact that the Dodgers are a first place team, the great GAME that actually took place around the Bonds circus, et. al., all could have inspired this douchebag to write something meaningful. Alas, he just wanted to write about the man who he didn't want to write about.

I've got an idea for Mark Kriegel: STOP GOING TO THE FRIGGIN' GAMES!!! Unbelievable.

Thursday, August 02, 2007

9-year-old kid recruited by Man Utd; Parents everywhere dream of early retirement

I just had a seizure upon learning the news that a 9-year-old from Australia was recruited by Manchester United. Man U went after the little tike after seeing his video on youtube. No contract has been offered at this time, but groupies throughout London are putting on their best push-up bras, shortest skirts, and lining up to... tell him that the Tooth Fairy doesn't exist?

And we thought Freddy Adu was young.

"Manchester United is proud of its history of developing talented young players, and invests considerable time and resources into trying to find the best young players of the future," the club said in a statement.

The club went on to say, "Sure, he's light years away from puberty, emotional maturity, acne, thinking girls have something other than cooties, enjoying a pint at a pub, understanding what the term "work ethic" means, understanding that monopoly money can't buy stuff in the real world, understanding that he can't really be Batman when he grows up, being able to say the word 'bollocks,' understanding the teamwork concept, or even wiping his own ass... but we think this kid has a chance to be something special."

Donnie Nickey, What the Hell is Wrong with You?

Damn, Donnie. You really need to chill out, my brother. I'm starting to worry about your health. Just about this time last year, you were picking a fight with LenDale White...and now this. Have you not seen the new Madden cover? I mean really. Be friggin' careful with the Franchise. You should probably be cut for this.

You're lucky Pacman wasn't there. They might have killed you, son.