Sunday, September 28, 2008

Nonsense Quote of the Week nominee

The scene: Friday night's Giants/Dodgers game at AT&T Park. Bengie Molina hits a ball high off the wall in right but only manages a single. Bruce Bochy removes Molina from the game for a pinch-runner, Emmanuel Burriss. Omar Vizquel swears he's heard the ball hit metal, so Bochy asks the umpires to use their new replay capabilities to determine whether the ball in fact did strike metal and was thus, a Bengie oppo-ya-ya. After review, it is determined that Molina's ball was a home run, so Burriss, not Molina, rounds the bases. Molina is credited with a home run, but Burriss gets the run scored. Bochy, though, wants Molina back in the game. His thinking has to be simple. If the umpires had gotten the call right in the first place, Molina would be in the game, completing his trot. The opportunity to have been removed would not have been presented. Crew Chief Tim Welke, after the game, felt differently, saying

Bochy wanted to reinsert Molina into the game but he doesn't get another bite at that. We know the rules. Once a pinch-runner touches a base, he's in the game whether he's put in or not. ... You can't go back and revisit history.

Yeah, just...revisi...ah...ooohhhh...I just heard a pop and now a gooey substance is leaking out my ear...I don't think I've got much longer, soi illjusjasdnvaf...sdfah...