Friday, January 30, 2009

What's with the yelling?

It's worse than the fist pump. In yesterday's Australian Open semifinal, Spaniard Fernando Verdasco, was a screaming, self-congratulatory douche, making Rafael Nadal's post-point antics look tame. I think this is from Wimbledon, but it looked the same.

It's the post-TD choreographed dance and arm up after a home run trot and soccer goal celebration all rolled into on. Stop yelling. Stop looking at your box after each point. Stop giving hand signals to your family in the stands. Shut the fuck up and play tennis.

MHR Super Predictions

Really, don't we all hate predictions? Yes. You might not know it, but you hate them. If I'm way off on a prediction, I won't bring it up again. If I'm close, you're darn right you're going to hear about it. There's the Matthew Berry approach to predictions, in which a person guesses on about 1,ooo outcomes each week, then touts the three he got right when next week's column comes along. But we aren't that douchy here at Mile High Ramblings. Predictions only arise three or four times each year; maybe for the Super Bowl and World Series and maybe the College Football National Championship. My best guess ever came for the 2006 USC/Texas game, when I'd predicted a 42-40 Texas win. The outcome? 41-38 Texas, forever cementing me as the clown who brings up the 2006 Rose Bowl game as evidence of is prognosticating awesomeness. So...

Steelers 23- Cardinals 17

News Flash: David Wells Is A Fat, Loudmouth, Turd

Totally. He is the latest to chime in on the Joe Torre quotey looking things that aren't necessarily really things Torre said. You've probably read what Blowhardy McFatterson has said, so I'm not going to rehash it here. The point is this: David Wells is a nobody. Worse, a nobody who is somebody because he's loud. He was a good MLB pitcher, who got by on talent and the notoriety that accompanies saying or writing stupid, stupid shit once a fortnight. The truth is, Wells has no idea what was actually written or the context in which these "quotes" are presented. Such is the case when a man makes a career and life based on putting forth the littlest amount of effort possible.

Suck At Your Job?

Well, hell then, join ESPN.

The WWL hired former Jets and Chiefs Head Coach Herm Edwards as a talking head this week after the coach was fired by Kansas City. On the day the news was released, the "story" was in ESPN's "HEADLINES" section. Now it can be found in the same section on the network's NFL page.

Herm Edwards was well-known for his sound bites while coaching the Kansas City Chiefs and New York Jets. Now he'll be taking his talking talents to ESPN. Edwards, recently fired as head coach of the Chiefs, is joining ESPN as an NFL studio analyst and will start in mid-February."I'm excited about the opportunity to join the ESPN team and offer my insight as a former player and head coach. I'm going to be truthful with my opinions on all the issues that take place on and off the field of play," Edwards said in a statement.

Edwards had been an NFL head coach for the past eight seasons, leading the Jets and Chiefs to four playoff appearances. His overall coaching record was 56-77. In addition, he is one of only four NFL coaches to lead two teams to playoff berths in his first season with a new team.

(continues digging)...but then oversaw teams that got worse almost every year. Not counting those first two years in which Edwards was coaching teams he'd inherited, his record was 35-61. That's Millen-esque!

"Herm is well-liked and highly respected throughout the league, and his insights and opinions as a former coach will make a tremendous addition to our year-round NFL coverage," Norby Williamson, ESPN executive vice president, production said in a statement.

This is a fucking press release. Eat it, ESPN. And "well-known for his sound bites?" Really? I remember one that barely qualifies as memorable. I'm sure Edwards is "well-liked," and pooooossssibly "highly respected," but what the hell is a failure as an NFL coach doing on a national football telecast?

Thursday, January 29, 2009

Sean Hannity is anti-American

I just watched five minutes of Sean Hannity's show in which it claimed:

** Global warming has been EXPOSED as a myth by 650 climatologists (false, by the way)

** The lingerie bowl should not have been cancelled because of sexism, because, you know, the men in the NFL wear tight pants

Plus, he seemed to support his argument against Al Gore with a personal insult about Gore's weight. I'm not quite sure where Gore's weight comes in to the global warming discussion (it is no longer a global warming debate. It's real.), but apparently Hannity believes that insults qualify as facts to substantiate a position.

I really hate that scumbag. His show is performs a disservice to the political discussion.

LOST Episode 3 Take

Desmond's son, Charlie is the Charlie. Put that in the bank - no refunds if I'm wrong though. My guess is the English cutie-pie holding a gun to Farraday is his mother, and perhaps, just maybe, Widmore is his father. That's a mind-fuck and a half - and is probably wronger than wrong -but might make sense seeing as how Widmore spent time financing Farrady's research into time travel. I like the Farraday character more each episode, but the relationship between he and Charlotte seems superfluous. And how about an episode without Kate or Jack or Ben? Just the island inhabitants. Excellent.

Grade: A

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Go Speed Racer, Go Speed Racer, Go Speed Racer, Go-Go-Go

Interesting little stat from the back of Will Clark's baseball card:

In 1987, Clark had 5 stolen bases... but he was caught a mind-boggling 17 times!

Seriously, at what point did Roger Craig pull him aside and strangle him? And why hasn't Mike Krukow discussed this in a broadcast?

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Sports News?

It's so, I don't know, passe to bash the WWL, but come on. Lately ESPN has been going a bit overboard with the gossip-posing-as-headlines schtick, and today is no exception. The "headlines":

Maybe, maaaaybe two of those represent actual news stories. But a guy in a dress at Super Bowl Media Day? Really? Some crazy fucktard hasn't done something douchy at every Media Day over the past fifteen years? A dress seems somewhat tame. Reports of assholes denying and defending and wishing and hoping? Fucking please. It's all become sitting around the popular girl's locker in high school, listening to her recite what she has heard from others about bitches and skanks. Is there any less credible "news" "source" in the sports world today?

What the F@*! is Going On In San Francisco, You Ask?

I get the feeling Mike Singletary is going to be a Bill Belichick style coach. I don't mean success-wise (I'll be thrilled if he has one-half the success Belichick has had in New England) but in that there are going to be guys who can't stand him and won't work for or with him, while there are going to be coaches and players who will walk through fire for him. Did you notice Scott Linehan is going to coordinate the Lions offense? According to the Chronicle,

Those close to Linehan say he was not comfortable with Singletary and did not like either of the quarterbacks on the roster, Shaun Hill and Alex Smith.

In the immortal words of Larry David, "Fuuck him!"

The Niners' offensive coordinator search looks bad at this point. At last count the team had brought in seven candidates, offering the job to one, Linehan. It looks like a bumbling jumblefuck of a search with Singletary interviewing anyone with anything close to resembling an offensive approach. But I find myself having faith in the John Galt-ness of Mike Singletary. You can come live is his objectivist utopia, but you sure as shit better get why you're there. If you don't want to be there, it's because you don't get it. Those who scoff and laugh may look good now, but time will find them wishing they'd been on board from the beginning.

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Immediate Second Hour of LOST Thoughts

Holy shit! Ana-Lucia! Ana-Lufuckingcia. My mind is being fucked. I knew it as soon as you could tell it was a woman cop getting out of the car. Dammit that's exciting. I already feel like I need to watch these two episodes more than three times to get everything that's gone on.

There are seriously an unfollowable number of storylines going on. And who the fuck is this Neil character? Thank God he gets a flaming arrow in the chest. Ben has something going, as does Sayid and Jack and Hurley and Locke and Charlotte and Jim the boom mic operator. Cripes. Yet, I remain faithful to the Temple of Lindelof and recognize that at some point, I'm going to want to poop my pants in mindfuckiness happy joy.

Grade: B-

Immediate First Hour of LOST Thoughts

Aaahhh, there's too much going on. Who's where and when and then Desmond makes an appearance? Shit, I was satisfied with the Desmond and Penny storyline's conclusion at the end of last season, and now their inclusion seems muddled. Sawyer's fatter than he used to be. Locke is the constant? Seriously, there are eighteen seperate stories happening within the hour! I need more time. I need time to decompress and sit on this for a night.

Sunday, January 18, 2009

How 'Bout That NFC West?

Yeah, there will still be some out there groaning that the best team in the NFC is not going to be playing two Sundays from now. Geez, last Sunday after Philly beat New York to get into the NFC Championship Game, some were upset that two 9-win teams had made it, certain the game was going to be a bummer of a shitfest of a mistake-filled blah. These weren't the two best teams in the NFC and no playoff outcome - and all usually pertinent BCS arguments be damned - was going to change that. There was the usual snarky, groupthinky douchitude orbiting the blogosphere regarding the Cardinals and the NFC West and big losses to the Jets and Patriots, and the how, oh how, were we supposed to enjoy this NFC Championship tilt when these two obviously, painfully flawed teams were involved?

And then the game was great. Kurt Warner looked like the Hall of Famer that some are now certain he has become. The Cards tried to show they could win a game running nothing but trick plays and Philly made the last thirty minutes edge-of-your-seat worthy. And now the team no one took seriously is going to the Super Bowl where they will try to continue their aerial barrage. Yay, I say. If my team (Niners) can't get there, it might as well be the team they almost took care of on one Monday night not too long ago. My guess is that the Steelers defense will shut down Warner and the leap-ball offense. But for all of you who acted like the hot girl at the prom, dissmissing the nerdy-ish kid with the sweet dance moves who you'd maybe noticed once or twice but never took seriously, eat it.

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Bonds Innocent...ish?

Well no, probably not. But at least it looks like the government's perjury case against him isn't as much of a slam dunk as we've been lead to believe.

On two fronts, Bonds is looking at developments that may help repair the tarnishing of his name, a little. According to a Yahoo! Sports report, at the time of Bonds' alleged ingestion (?) of the cream and the clear, neither were considered illegal by the Justice Department. Secondly, and somewhat more juicily, questions abound regarding the effectiveness of taking said drugs and achieving enhanced muscle growth.

So what does this mean? Who knows. According to the report,

"This case has been presented as Barry Bonds lying about steroids,” said Christopher Cannon, a San Francisco defense attorney with extensive experience in federal perjury cases. “The government’s theory is that he was taking the Clear. If the government knows the Clear wasn’t a steroid – then when Barry said he wasn’t taking a steroid, he was telling the truth.”

Saying that Bonds was "telling the truth" might be correct in a technical sense, kind of like when a kid tell you the floor broke a glass, not him. I'm not a lawyer, nor have I been involved in too many legal proceedings, but perjury has got to be hard to prove. Infinitely more so when your whole case revolves around saying a guy lied about something somewhat ambiguous. So maybe Bonds ends up off the legal hook and the Bonds armor remains free of a previously assumed chink. But despite the idea that the cream or the clear were not technically considered steroids at the time Bonds took them, they still represent performance enhancement drugs. Right?

Novitzky: “He said it was another matter when looking at federal criminal law and the problem that you run into there is there’s a certain amount of steroids that are listed under criminal law that say: Hey, these substances are definitely steroids. And then there’s a catchall phrase that says if it’s not one of these substances, then if you can say pharmacologically or chemically related to testosterone, which in this case THG is, and you also have to show that it enhances muscle growth in human beings.

“And that’s the problem that we’ve run into with THG and which Dr. Catlin testified to the grand jury, is that there’s never been any studies to show whether or not THG does, in fact, enhance muscle growth.”

So...what? What Bonds took may not have actually lead to muscle growth? I don't know. But what if it turns out to be true that THG does nothing? Where does the steadfastly Bonds-took-steroids-and-we-have-proof contingent go then? Probably, reasonably, believing that Bonds took steroids, just not the ones we assumed. The thing is, we're not talking about androstenedione. We're talking about a substance with far more questions regarding its effectiveness.

Thank God for Yahoo! Sports and the report/investigation. While ESPN has turned into the Headline News of the sports world, there is still legitimate discovery happening in sports journalism without throwing a parade each time some new angle is uncovered (see: E:60).

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Well, if he gets warts on his fingers, I guess it's not a bad thing if he misses a start

From With Leather: "Barry Zito More Tainted Than Ever."

Seems Barry Zito doesn't have much trouble with the strike zone when it comes to chicks. As for that off-season conditioning program? Apparantly it involvs group orgys and multiple STD tests.

Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Did you watch Ohio State/Texas?


Matt Vasgersian is awful. Hot-air blowing douche. It seems there is a generation of sportscasters (Joe Buck, Brenneman, Vasgersian) who believe more is more. When a moment would best be left without the interruption of blowhardies, they instead try to superfluously inject excitement, judgment or drama. God dammit, shut the hell up.

Fox is awful. I'm not interested in long visuals of Colt McCoy's girlfriend in the stands. I'm hearing a verbal blowjob given to McCoy all game by Vasgersian and Tim Ryan, so why do I need to see the girl who's going to be giving him a real one after the game? Stop showing pictures of the girlfriend/Mom/Dad/sister/brother/high school coach/anyone not directly involved with the game but some connection to a player.

Mack Brown is a fat fuck. The Texas that was fawned over all year by the sports media should have beaten the shit out of Ohio State.