Tuesday, November 13, 2007

And back to sports...

The Niners stink. I only really watched the first half of last night's game against Seattle, partly because I had to put the kid to bed and partly because I couldn't watch the horseshit happening on the field. Some observations:

-Jeff Hostler is really having a tough time. After inheriting an improving group from Norv Turner, Hostler has the Niners' offense looking worse than if Dennis Erickson were running the show. Hopefully, if he keeps his job, another season in the same system will help Alex Smith, Frank Gore, and the suddenly crappy o-line.

-The defense was supposed to be San Fran's strength, yet again and again Seattle, and really any receivers the Niners face, are open on 15-yard out-routes. Seriously, if Niner defenders were to simply stay in one spot after each snap, the opponent offensive players would be less open.

-There is nothing more obnoxious in the NFL than the first-down point. What's next? What the fuck is next?! What is next to be celebrated in the NFL? Getting off the bench? DJ Hackett had me ready to blow my brains out last night. Get up, hand the ball to the nearest official, and head back to the huddle. YOU LOOK LIKE A FUCKING IDIOT!!!

-In the first half the officials did the Niners no favors. The first play of the game should have resulted in a pass interference penalty against Seattle. The reversal of an incomplete pass to a Seattle receiver should never had happened. There was nothing worthy of a reversal. Fuck. If the guys in the booth as well as everyone at home can't tell, what the fuck are you seeing captain white hat shithead that gives you reason to overturn a play? Nate Clements was called for illegal conact when the contact was intitiated by the Seattle receiver. Hey officials! Watch the fucking game!!! Matt Hasselbeck was not called for grounding after, while in the pocket, throwing a ball at the feet of his linemen. And on and on. Guh. The Niners didn't lose because of the officiating, but come on. It was bad.

-God, Stuart Scott is awful. I feel so bad for anyone he interviews. Like last night it was Jeff Gordon and Jimmy Johnson at halftime. Every Scott interview I've ever seen ends up feeling like nothing more than some orchestrated glorification. Whether it's pounding the fist with Shaq or exhuberantly sharing the love of teammates Gordon and Johnson, it's just lovey-dovey softball after softball. If I didn't hate the guy so much, I'd be embarrassed for him. I can't take ESPN seriously. I used to think it was a news organization, but that's wrong.

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Flava Flav said...

Why don't you talk about a team that is good like the Kansas. Little Jackson better have his onesy rockin on Saturday!!!