Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Smug fuckface says dumb thing...

David Stern, responding to Tim Donaghy's assertion that the outcome of Game 6 of the 2002 Lakers/Kings series was directed by officials, 

NBA commissioner David Stern said the Justice Department had fully investigated the most recent Donaghy's claims, which he labeled as "baseless."

Really?  Really?  Remember watching the game?  Actually watching the game is a base.  Remember all of us talking conspiracy?  Bbbbase.  Remember that Ralph Nader letter?  You guessed it.  I've been off the NBA since that game.  Seriously.  WWmothafuckingE.  That nonsense was a travesty.  Never before in any sporting event did I feel so wronged; so helpless.  As fans, there is an emotional investment in our teams.  When our team loses there is hurt.  When our team loses when the contest is not on the level, then there is little reason to invest.  The NBA line involves dismissive slough about Donaghy trying to save himself.  How does this save him?  That Donaghy throws it out there six years later out of the blue should give his assertions some credibility.  

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