Thursday, February 18, 2010

Ilana Is Hot

Oh, hi. If you know what that headline means, you must watch LOST. Well then I'll get right to it.

Tuesday's episode was one of the best in a while. Locke episodes tend to be the best. I liked Jack episodes for the first two seasons, but unless the writers have something up their sleeves, the Jack and Kate episodes have lost relevance and stopped being compelling. The previous week's Kate-centric hour was awful. Awful. Evangeline Lilly is just so super hot but can't seem to act a lick. We've seen that occasionally the writers or producers or whoever will throw in a filler episode, but this is the final season and we do not have tolerance for such nonsenorystupidwasteness. Anyway, one of the worst episodes in a long time was followed by one of the best. I don't feel like trying to break down the meaning of who did what or appeared to whoever or was reading what book. If you're really into the show, you've checked those things out already. I'm mostly just here to bitch. I hate the clip show moments that emerge from time to time, and there were two such examples Tuesday night. First, when Locke pulled out Jack's crumpled business card, we were shown an up-close view of an uncrumpled version. I know who's card it was. Why show it? Shit, reward me for hanging in there with the show instead of wasting seconds showing me what I already know. The second example was the visual recap of everyone Jacob had visited before they came to the island. I know. I watched the show. Again, why remind me of what I already know? Were these two things an effort to get those late to the party a summary? One thing about people who watch this show is that they know it. Can the people who are just beginning to watch or those who have returned after a hiatus really be helped by a thirty-second face montage? Of course not. So stop wasting my time with this bullshit. My guess actually is that the show simply came up short and the director needed a few extra seconds of filler. I really have no problem with that.

Aside from the Kate episode, I am not disappointed in the least in this season. It used to take half a season to get as much information as we got Tuesday night, so I'm happy.


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