Thursday, June 08, 2006

Go Joe!

posted by BH

During tonight's ESPN broadcast of the Yankees/Red Sox game, Dan Shulman, trying to demonstrate how close the two teams have been, pointed out that of the last 99 meetings, the Yankees had won 50 games and the Red Sox had one 49. Joe Morgan responded, "It doesn't get any closer than that." Uh, unless the Red Sox had won 50, Joe.

Three minutes later, after a liner had gone by A-Rod leading to the go-ahead run scoring for the Sox, Joe said, "That's not an error." It was then ruled an error by the official scorekeeper. Joe, pissed, responded, "I guarentee they don't give anyone but A-Rod an error on that." I love when guys make arguments with things that haven't happened and are unverifyable.


bh said...

Vindication for Joe!! The call was reversed and the Sox won.

sondog said...

How could that guy possibly win awards? Everything he says starts out with, "When I was a player, before going into the Hall of Fame..."

Thurgood said...

on the same note, we used to play a weekly drinking game during ABC college football saturday's, with 2 rules:

1. Any time Terry Bowden referenced his father, brother, etc., drink.

2. Any time Terry Bowden said, "when I was head coach at Auburn,...", finish your drink.

I don't remember very much else.