Sunday, June 18, 2006

More Giant Thoughts

by SonDog

-- Part of me wants to say that this team is too good to hover around the .500 in a very winnable division. Then again, after watching the Giants 1 & 2 pitchers get raked this weekend, and watching the offense once again channel their inept ways, part of me wants to say this is the way it will be all year. What a tough team to figure out.

-- Brad Hennessey and Jeremy Accardo pitched brilliantly on Friday night. Both guys seem to get better as the year progresses. It's a no-brainer that Hennessey will re-join the rotation if somebody goes down. He's likely becoming a shoe-in for next year's starting 5. Accardo looks more and more like a closer every time he pitches. I'm more comfortable with him ending the game NOW than I am with Armondo Benitez.

-- Benitez's rant last week in the Oakland Tribune should be automatic grounds for termination. Does the guy not understand that he's making more than the rest of the bullpen combined to be an effective closer, not a can of gasoline?

-- Travis Ishikawa sure looks good on defense. His bat doesn't seem to be ready for the big leagues yet, but he's got a polished glove at first base.

-- It was reported in the San Francisco Chronicle that Richie Sexson's name has been mentioned in trade rumors with the Giants. My question is, why? Sexson went into Saturday's game hitting all of .205. with virtually the same power numbers (10 hr, 49 RBI starting Saturday) as Pedro Feliz. Now, would the Giants sign Feliz to an extension starting at $14 million per season? Of course not. Then why would they even consider for a split-second trading for a first baseman with such a salary?

-- On that note, Brian Sabean is starting to piss me off a bit. Outside of Randy Winn, he's made more bad trades than good trades the past three years. This off-season will be telling. Jason Schmidt seems destined to join Seattle. Bonds looks like he's gone to become a DH. Mo Alou surely won't come back if they decide not to re-up Felipe. And the list goes on. Which reminds me, will Feliz get an extension before the end of the season? If not, he's likely gone to someone who decides to overpay.


Stapes said...

It's interesting Schmidt wanted to sign with Seattle last time and the Giants were his second choice. I didn't know that til this weekend. Next years team won't have Durham, probably won't have Schmidt and possibly won't have Bonds, Alou and Finley.

Sounds like it could be a rebuilding year.

Stapes said...

By the way - I'm not sure about Sexson. Yes I know he is overpaid and sucks. But they need a first baseman and right handed power. If Seattle is just dumping him it wouldn't kill me if they got him for cheap.

sondog said...

I just can't see Schmidt staying. Do you remember those quotes in the SacBee after the season last year? He sounded like he had one foot out the door then.

Next year will certainly be a rebuilding year. As you mentioned, Finley, Alou and Bonds all are unlikely to come back, leaving Winn as the only holdover in the outfield. Durham could be gone before the trade deadline to make room for Frandsen. Feliz... what to do with him?

The main problem I have with Sexson is that he hasn't necessarily produced much since he was with Milwaukee. If Seattle sucks up 75% of his salary, then they should make a run at him. However, if Sabean turns around and does something stupid like trade Matt Cain, Noah Lowry, Jeremy Accardo and Johnathan Sanchez for Sexson and Raul Ibanez, I may have to fly to SF and take Sabean out myself.

phil said...

does Henderson even write here anymore, or did he get sent down to the minors?

bh said...

Starting at third, bitch!