Monday, January 29, 2007

"I Got a Family to Feed"

by SonDog

Ooooooooh the sweet, sweet irony. It appears Latrell Sprewell really does have a family to feed... just not a legitimate family, in the nuclear husband/wife sort of way. And it turns out that Spree has a bunch of kids. And... SURPRISE... they're not all born from the same woman! I wonder if they choke one another when they play H-O-R-S-E.

Spree and his dreads, in happier times.

Here are some interesting Spreewell facts:

  • He lives on a yacht outside of Wisconscin. Which, somehow, makes all the sense in the world.

  • He's being sued for $200 million palimony by a woman who is not his wife, yet was registered as his wife at the NBA corporate office.

  • The pair had a "living arrangement." I have no idea if that is legal speak for "friends with benefits," but it sure sounds like it.

  • He has tons of kids. Like, too many of them. This man should not breed.


OZ said...

You're comparing Spree to the Predator? That's a low blow to the Predator just because the guy has dreads. I think of Spree more in the terms of the angry Spice Girl.

the butler said...

I heard his twin brother Coolio lives in a houseboat next door. Pretty sure that's how the whole Minnesota Vikings sex boat thing went down...right?

SonDog said...

I'm pretty sure Spree was involved in the assasination of the original President Palmer on 24.

Seriously, the guy bares an uncany resemblance to the Predator.