Sunday, January 07, 2007

Lil' Tid Bits

Is it just me or are the NFL Bigwigs just stupid. They will "Allow" for Mike Nolan and Jack Del Rio to wear suits twice a year. Meanwhile, it's fine for Bill Belichick, a three-time world champion to look like a classless bum. Then again I suppose that makes sense considering the way he handled losing, and winning against his protégé Eric Mangini.

Boomer Esiason is an arrogant pric. No, that is not news. But today he made me laugh out loud. No, that is not news.

I have a new American Hero, Jarred from Subway. Why you ask? Because here is man that sat on his ass doing little more than gorging himself until he became an obese slob. Then, given money to eat sandwiches! Is this not the American Dream! "I'm fat and hungry so I'm going to take a job eating sandwiches. Yeah but I'm going to have to walk sometimes too." What I really want to know, did he approach Subway with the idea or did Subway pull his fat ass off the street and make him an offer he couldn't refuse? I wonder how much the fat fucker is worth now? Enough to order a sandwich from a nice restaurant, or enough to have a group of hot bitches on him at the club? I change my mind, I now resent him.

Will the culprit of the Darrent Williams murder be caught? I sincerely hope so or anyone will think they can kill someone and get away with it, myself included. We can call it the OJ Simpson Phenomenon.


Anonymous said...

A DMO POST!!! Yay!!

That's all I've got.

SonDog said...

I've mentioned it before, but Chris Collinsworth was my favorite 2006 football television personality. He did his job and didn't try to do too much. See: Buck, Joe.

DMo said...

Chris Collinsworth is a fucking bitch. Costas could kick his ass. He always takes everybody's shit and never gets in last word. And well, I can't be sure cause I tune his ass out when he talks, but is he ever right about shit? I don't know, he sucks everyone's cock so I guess if you ask them he's always right. Sonny you're a hoser.

Anonymous said...

word. chris collinsworth eats tom brady, belichek, vrabel, maroney, samuel, and every other patriots players cock before every game. and i heard that he loves to take down shots of marinos cum to help him clear up his throat before going on air.