Monday, August 07, 2006

Observations and Deep Thoughts

by SonDog

-- I think at this point, Floyd Landis has blown past the, "Take it easy, Champ. Why don't you stop talking for a while" stage. His responses have become humorous on so many levels, and not in a good way.

Which reminds me... After watching Lance Armstrong hawk a product during a commercial a couple of days ago, my English father-in-law (G-Pop) said to me, "Wow! You mean people still use him to support their products? That's amazing." It would seem that outside of America, Armstrong doesn't necessarily have the blind faith in his innocence as he seems to in the states. Rather, it is a foregone conclusion that he was on more drugs than Robert Downey Jr.

By the way, if whiskey drinking really could lead to high levels of testosterone (comments that Landis has since tried to distance himself from), then there is a better than strong chance that I will look like a Gorilla somewhere around next Wednesday.

-- There is absolutely nothing on television during the daytime. I learned this while at the hospital with my wife. Whatever happened to the glory days of Saved by the Bell?

-- I was pooped and peed on for the first time in my life during a diaper change on Monday morning. Good times all around. And I really appreciated my wife laughing at me.

-- Hey, have you heard that Terrell Owens and Donovan McNabb had a falling out? Really, I heard this during the Sunday Night Football game between the Eagles and Raiders. The guys at NBC (Al "I wish I had a booth to call my own" Michaels and John "I have a video game that's pretty good" Madden) mentioned it about 430 times during the broadcast. I figure not many people heard about it, otherwise maybe they would have talked about football. Maybe. However, I did learn during the game that Terrell Owens and Donovan McNabb had a falling out last season. No, no, really. Really, I heard they had a falling out. The third quarter of the game was pretty good, as that's when I learned that Terrell Owens and Donovan McNabb had a falling out last season. Al Michaels told me all about it. And then John Madden told me that Terrell Owens and Donovan McNabb... WE ALL FUCKING GET IT!!!!!

-- So, Jerry Rice has his own talk show on satellite radio. I don't necessarily remember Rice as the most eloquent speaker on the Niners, but I do know that he's not making many friends in the executive offices of his old franchise. I had not heard this before Monday, but Rice apparently lambasted Alex Smith and the Niners on his show. He argued that whoever was responsible for drafting Smith should be fired (Um, Jerry. That would be Mike Nolan, and it doesn't appear he's going anywhere.). In other news, Rice is in discussions with the Niners about retiring his jersey. Of course it's going to happen, as Rice is the greatest receiver that has ever donned a jersey, but he's kind of sort of picking a bad time to blast the team and the management. What has not been mentioned is that Nolan turned down Rice's "offer" last season to come back for one more season in a Niner uniform to tutor the young receivers. But I'm sure that that has nothing to do with Rice's comments about "whoever drafted Smith should be fired," right?


OZ said...

Why would you not want Jerry in a niners jersey? The PR it would bring to what is otherwise a completely uninteresting team is worth the money alone, not to mention that he must have some useful advice he could give the youth, what with there not being anybody in the world that played his position better than him.

sondog said...

Because he's 84 years old and he might break a hip. That being said, it hasn't stopped the SF Giants from employing old farts.

Floyd Landis was classic on the Tonight Show with Leno this evening in lobbing up another excuse (or four). Set... Spike! Floyd, you're an embarassment to your country now. Go away.

OZ said...

Remember when they used to say Lance was on something and he would go absolutely ballistic? He would say maybe or perhaps, he'd say its bull shit and he'd have it re-tested and be proven right every time. Perhaps I’m naive, but I honestly think Lance was innocent, and his behavior was polar opposite of this guy’s behavior.

OZ said...

edit third line *wouldn't

C-lo said...

Landis should win the 2006 Douchebag McMoron Award!

sondog said...

I still think Lance is guilty as sin. In fact, I'm going to do a quick post on my Bonds vs. Armstrong "must be on the juice" comparison.

sondog said...

And Landis must be getting media advice from a retarded chimp who's just learning how to type.