Sunday, August 27, 2006


posted by BH

Tonight on Gamenight on ESPN Radio, Freddie Coleman had this little piece of prognosticative insight:

"If any team competing for the NL wild card wins 11 of 14 games at this point, they are going to be in first place, because no other team is going to be able to match that"

Uh, where to begin? The Giants have won 11 of their last 14 games, and sit two games out of first in the NL wild card. Now, I know what Coleman is trying to say in the last part of the quote. He's saying that at this point in the season, there are no big surprises out there, which means these teams should all play about .500 ball. I guess then, he means no team is capable of an 11 out of 14 run? Or something? If he thinks one team could surprise us all and put an 11 of 14 together, why can't another team do the same? I have an idea. I think Coleman has been focusing his attention on a couple teams in the northeast.


Stapes said...

The Giants need to win 20 out of the last 31 to ensure they get in. That will give them an 85-77 record. So that means:
5-4 on this road trip
5-1 at home against Col, SD
6-4 on the next road trip
4-2 to close the season against LA and AZ.

Tough but not impossible.

sondog said...

If they keep pitching like they have been (primarily Lowry, Cain and Morris), they have a legitimate chance. Schmidt needs to step it up a bit, at least don't allow 6 runs in 6 innings.

The bullpen situation is going to be huge. I just don't know how a team with playoff aspirations can say that some guy named Vinnie Chulk (who, honestly, I had NEVER HEARD of before the trade) and Mike Stanton are bullpen keys, while at the same time looking itself in the mirror without laughing.

bh said...

Hennesssey was a stud his last time out, and Schmidt has been allright, aside from his last start. Everything's working now, but I have no confidence this run is going to last beyond the next pitch.