Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Let the Jokes Begin

by SonDog

So, TO tries to kill himself, then says he didn't try to kill himself, then blames his publicist for over-reacting, then says he was "pretty out of it." Hmmm, what to do.

I know... Let's crack jokes...

So, is TO going to intentionally try to get hit by a middle linebacker over the middle now?

Is he going to accidentally fall into Bill Parcells man-boobs, thereby suffocating himself?

Remember that scene in the Last Boy Scout where Billy Cole pulls a gun from his pants and starts firing rounds at other players, then turns the gun on himself and says, "Aint life a bitch?" Is he going to do that? And did you know that Billy Cole is Billy Blanks, the Tai Bo guy?

I can't wait to watch T.O play next. Somewhere in Philly, Jeff Garcia and Donovan McNabb are high-fiving each other and fed-exing their unused percocets to TO's house.


OZ said...

Ouch. That last one hurt.

C-lo said...

Do the man boobs bother you more than the man gunt? The gock, as one might call it? When I wake up in a cold sweat screaming in the middle of the night, that's usually what I've seen in my nightmare. Frightening!