Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Random NFL Thoughts

by SonDog

-- The Raiders looked like a horrific football team. Aaron Brooks might as well have been a tackling dummy for the Chargers defense. Lamont Jordan coudn't get anything going behind an offensive line that was stuck in cement. I'm having serious second and third-thoughts about selecting Randy Moss in the third round of one of my Yahoo! fantasy teams. He and Jordan are the only two players resembling talent on that offense.

-- The reason I picked LT over Larry Johnson in my ESPN fantasy leagues is because of Kansas City's offensive line. The loss of Willie Roaf is going to hurt that team (particularly Johnson) more than some people think. Plus, from what I've read, Johnson is an egomaniac and I can't stand him.

-- I can't wait until T.O. goes T.O. all over Bledsoe after Drew pulls one of his famous Bledsoe maneuvers. Great idea pairing these two together, Jerry Jones. Real men of Genius: Mr. Really Bad Toupe Wearer.

Since I'm discussing the Cowboys, I would like to personally thank the Dallas defense for screwing me over last week.

-- Is it just me, or as a 49er fan does Antonio Bryant scare you a little bit? If you haven't done so, read some of his quotes this week regarding the first half of the Cardinal game on Sunday. In short, he suggests... no, blatantly states that he wanted to challenge Alex Smith to a fight by halftime because he didn't have any catches in the first half. Um, Antonio? You know you have never been that good, right? You know that the Browns... the FUCKING BROWNS didn't feel compelled to re-sign you, right? Just checking.

-- On that same subject, while I love their talent, I would not let Vernon Davis and Bryant hang out with one another without adult supervision.

-- Baltimore: Offensive powerhouse or one-week wonder? I choose the later.

-- I am in too many fantasy leagues. It's taking over my life and my wife is starting to get scared.

-- Speaking of which, I somehow wound up with Randy McMichael in all three leagues. I would like to thank him for hauling in 1 catch for 10 yards. That was so awesome.


C-lo said...

Antonio Bryant...moron. He was a Cowboy when I was an intern there and what a DOUCHEBAG! He was a bigger ass than Emmitt. Sorry he's a Niner now. Have fun with that.
You picked the Cowboys defense? What were you smoking?! Please consult me from now on out with all picks regarding "America's Team".

Stapes said...

Moss and the Raiders cost me a fantasy league win. I spent all yesterday trying to trade him to Scott. By the way, Scott's a Moron and doesn't know a good trade when it is right in front of him.

Sonny how many league's are in?

sondog said...

I should have known better than to associate any part of myself with the Cowboys. They burn me every time.

Stapes, I'm in too many leagues. I'm up to three leagues this year and have basically mortgaged my financial future in the process. At this point, I think I have every player in the league between my teams. I don't ever know who to root for. While I wanted the Dolphins offense (Chambers, McMichael, Brown) to have a big game last week, I also needed the Steelers' defense to come up big for me. It's a challenge and one that, frankly, consumes waaaaaaay too much of my time and energy.