Thursday, October 16, 2008

News flash: Brett Favre is an attention-seeking douche after all

We know Brett Favre famously, graciously, called fellow tough-guy, gunslinger, hot white stud quarterback Tony Romo to offer his encouragement over Romo's broken pinky, because Favre told ESPN he did so. Have you ever known anyone who does something nice, like makes a donation to an organization or cleans up baby birds after an oil spill, mostly so they can tell everyone they made a donation or cleaned up an oil-soaked seagull? Remember that scene where "Sack" is describing saving an otter in "Wedding Crashers?" Anyway, I found a link at Deadspin about Favre's similar call, or lack thereof, to one Aaron Rodgers who has been playing with a bum shoulder.

This guy is a childish clown.