Monday, October 20, 2008

This is bordering on crazy

Jay Glazer of FOX Sports, he of the routinely beating everyone to the scoop, reports that Brett Favre has spoken to more than one team about the Packers' play-calling tendencies. Not only has he spoken to them, Favre has initiated the communication. It seems there's no rule against such actions, but what does it tell us about Favre as a man? I mean, I guess we already know he's a total douche. My first thought is that he's either trying to make himself look that much better by making the Packers on-field play seem that much worse, or he's trying to punish the team for not groveling and letting him call the shots. Either way, these are the actions of an insecure child. I've always felt like Favre has been overly active in how he is portrayed by the media, but this is out there. This is slimy.

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