Thursday, October 16, 2008

Polamalu criticizes NFL fines; ensures he will receive fine

Pissed that his Pittsburgh Steelers have been hit with a rash of unnecessary roughness and illegal block and blah, blah, blah penalties of late the safety spoke out against the heavy-handed:

I think regarding the evolution of football, it's becoming more and more flag football, two-hand touch. We've really lost the essence of what real American football is about. I think it's probably all about money. They're not really concerned about safety.

He went on to say

When you see guys like Dick Butkus, the Ronnie Lotts, the Jack Tatums, these guys really went after people. Now, they couldn't survive in this type of game. They wouldn't have enough money. They'd be paying fines all the time and they'd be suspended for a year after they do it two games in a row. It's kind of ridiculous.

Amen, Troy. A. Men. It seems as though the NFL, since the inception of the Roger Goodell era, has become a little crazy with the extent to which they restrict the actions of players. That being said, there were a lot of shitty things that went on during the course of play when Dick Butkus, the Ronnie Lotts and Jack Tatums were playing that significantly, negatively, altered players' post-football lives.

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