Sunday, October 23, 2005

Tim McCarver Sucks

by BH

To continue with my beating a dead horse theme, I'd like to further discuss the contempt I feel for FOX, the network that is single-handedly trying to destroy baseball. It's the middle of the seventh in game 2 of the World Series, and I've only been able to have the sound on for about two full innings over the course of games 1 and 2. It's still almost unbearable. How many shots did we need last night of A.J. Pierzynski? Yeah, I get it. He's a controversial figure. I mean, he was the first thing we saw after Jermaine Dye's home run in the first. We were also lucky enough to hear from a miked up Brandon Backe, the loud mouthed jackass that has become known for being miked up. He's kind of the George Hamilton of baseball. Tonight I turned on the sound in the bottom of the seventh and was reminded of why Tim McCarver is the worst color man in the game. He and the equally untalented Joe Buck were discussing the steps Phil Garner would take to get to Brad Lidge in the ninth, when McCarver said, "The bridge to Lidge will be a short span tonight." Seriously? You used that Tim? I know you're not smart. I know you wrote that prior to game 1 and have been looking for somewhere to slip it in. Later in the inning after a strikeout by a Houston pitcher, McCarver said, "I think that was a split-finger fastball. (Replay) Yep, that was either a splitter or a tailing fastball. (Replay) Yep, that was a tailing fastball." Nice try Tim. Those are two different pitches. Somehow, the guy threw two different pitches on the same pitch, and McCarver was right about them both.

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