Thursday, July 12, 2007

Welcome Darko!

Uh-Oh.....Awwwwww Hell! We gots ourselves TWO big Euro-giants, now! It's ON LIKE DONKEY KONG!!! Or something. So we went with the Lady's Man over Sideshow Bob. I think Memphis had about $8 million/year to shell out, and shell out they did. Darko will be banking $21 million over the next three years. My favorite quote from that article:
"We are extremely excited for this new opportunity," Cornstein said. "Darko's going to a team that really wants him."
Great. Yay for Darko. They do make a good point, however, about Iavaroni's big-man coaching skills. (Can he teach our big men to be fast?)
Should be interesting to watch the Grizziles try up-tempo basketball with two huge white dudes on the floor at the same time.
And on that note, I must recognize the newest member of the butler's little pantry, a blog I've enjoyed for a long time...and one of the best basketball blogs on the net, Free Darko.