Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Thought This Was Funny

Check out this post over at SPORTSbyBROOKS

My favorite line..."...every limo driver and tour guide in Vail mentions Kobe Bryant within the first three minutes..."

I left a comment on the Ballhype page trying to explain the difference between Vail and "down valley" (Beaver Creek, Edwards, Eagle...) and why they use the term "Vail" to refer to that whole area (for tourists like Ms. Priddy).

might even warrent our...

Hell, screw it. It definitely calls for the-


So congrats, Ms. Brenda Priddy, you dumb bastard.


C-lo said...

You tell 'em Butler!

SonDog said...

Without question, the story has the dumbest headline I've ever seen. And while we're at it: Philadelphia: it's nothing but murderers and Camaros. Los Angeles: It's nothing but druggies and Xterras. Vegas: It's nothing but strip clubs and BMW's... okay, maybe that one is right now.