Tuesday, July 17, 2007

We Hardly Knew Yi

Last night I had a dream...and I was the GM of the Memphis Grizzlies. I hosted a press conference to debunk all the crazy Kobe trade rumor nonsense, and at the end, I made a plea to both the Milwaukee Bucks organization along with Guangdong Tigers.

"Mike Miller, Damon Stoudemire, and Stromile Swift in exchange for Yi and Charlie Bell."

"Oh, and if it makes you feel better we'll throw in a second rounder next year..."

The money probably doesn't work out, but whatever.

Milwaukee must do something, as ESPN reports Yi's team will attempt to block Yi from playing in the City of Suds.

Funniest line from the article:

"Chen expressed concern that Yi would have trouble getting playing time with the Bucks, whose squad boasts Australian 7-footer Andrew Bogut and a number of other tall young players."


Yeah, they're so tall!! And young, too!!!


Awful Chief said...

Tall, Young Bucks...hilarious! Needs to be a tee-shirt.

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