Saturday, May 20, 2006

2-0 Giants Fans

posted by BH

Edgardo Alfonzo was released by the Interstate 5 Angels today
. He's going to end up in New York, standing on top of taxis, thanking fans for letting him stand on top of taxis. Thank you Steve Finley for hitting above .212.

Michael Barrett kicked the shit out of A.J. Pierzynski today. Had it been a boxing match, A.J. would have been given a standing eight-count the way he reeled after the right cross from Barrett. Barrett has been remorseful, and Pierzynski has played the, "What did I do?" role. To Mr. Barrett I would like to say: I will carry your child. Thank you. I love you.


sondog said...

I don't think Sabean has made a good move since the 2002 Series. The downward spiral started with Alfonzo. What a monumental bust.

I TiVo'd the Barrett punch to A.J.'s face just because it was the greatest thing I have ever seen in my life. Pierzynski easily eclipses Kent as my most hated former Giant, simply because of what he represents (Liriano) and his enormous yapper. By the way, Boof Bonser has been inserted into the Twins rotation. That makes 2/5 of the Twins rotation former Giants who are 24 or younger.

bh said...

I heard about Boof on my way to Fremont this morning. Guh. I guess the only way one could look at it as a good trade for the Giants is at least they, shit.

DMo said...

I hate Pierzynski, even typing his name annoys me. I hope he gets rammed at home plate so hard you can hear his ribs break. Sondog you better be tivoing that shit too.