Monday, May 15, 2006

Random Thoughts

by SonDog

-- With the prospect of Larry Brown's contract being bought out by the joke that is the New York Knicks ownership group (seriously, you're picking Isiah Thomas OVER Larry Brown? And you're not playing some kind of practical joke or something?), one has to be a bit curious as to how hard the brothers Maloof will pursue Brown.

You know they want to make a splashy move (and sorry, but Monarchs coach, John WeisenwhothehellamI doesn't count). You know they want a defensive-minded coach with championship experience. You know they want a coach who is personable with the media and in the community. You know they will spend whatever it takes to get a coach with all three qualifications. Basically, it makes too much sense. Kind of like the Peja-for-Artest trade that should have happened two years before it actually happened.

I'm not saying I'm a Larry Brown fan. In fact, I think his mind games with Ron Artest and Bonzi Wells would be the stuff of psychiatric legend. However, if Brown does become a free agent again, you can fully expect the Maloofs to be the first owners to call (if they haven't already).

-- The Giants bullpen right now is about as effective as as using napalm to put out a forest fire. You get the feeling that none of the guys in the pen trust what they're throwing. Four of the seven first batters faced by the bullpen over the weekend walked. That's unacceptable. Scott Munter needs to go back to the minors to try to re-locate his sinker which hasn't been seen since last August. Steve Kline is... well... Steve Kline. Tim Worrell is done (Speaking of which, BH brought up a great point that Worrell's two-year contract was a kin to the two-year deal GM Brian Sabean gave Neifi Perez a few years back. Honestly, was Sabean afraid Worrell wasn't going to be available next year? Christ. I dont' know who would want him THIS year.). Jeremy Accardo seems to have a panic attack when he's asked to pitch the ninth with his team up by 5. Kevin Correia is used about as often as Jose Vizcaino. Armondo Benitez is the antithisis of reliable.

My feelings about the bullpen can best be summed up by the conversation LeseDog and I had yesterday when Steve Kline entered the game in the top of the eighth after seven effective innings from Jason Schmidt and the score tied 2-2:

LeseDog: "Where did Schmidty go? He was pitching good."

SonDog: "He threw 100 pitches so Felipe pulled him."

LeseDog: "That seems pretty stupid. Those guys (bullpen) can't ever get anybody out."

SonDog: "Yup. Game's over now."

Naturally, Kline effectively lost the game three batters later after giving up a walk, single, and a two-base error after throwing the ball to the cotton candy vendor above the Giants dugout.

Yup, that's Kline losing the game

-- On the baby front, for those of you who aren't aware, I'm having a son... at least the sonogram says so. LeseDog is about 2 1/2 months away from popping the little guy out. In addition, it should be noted that OZ's son will enter the world next Monday. Also, I was informed last week that BH's son, Leyton (now 2-years-old), pooped under his swingset. Basically, if all three boys perfect the art of crapping their pants, they will fit right in to the Giants bullpen.

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sondog said...

I would like it noted that I put my post up before Mark Stein's rant on Larry Brown today. I also read that they mentioned Brown-to-Sac as a possibility during yesterday's pre-game on ABC. I did not know that.