Wednesday, May 10, 2006

This Week's Sign That People Are Stupid

posted by BH

This comes from an article in which Babe Ruth's granddaughter, Linda Tosetti, says she isn't going to be a part of any Barry Bonds celebration. Talking about Ruth and his indiscretions, she says,

"Look, he did his carousing. But liquor didn't touch his lips when he was with children. That's how his image is for the youth," Tosetti said.

Okay, I'm not saying I think the "Babe Ruth did bad stuff too," holds any water when trying to defend Bonds. In fact, I think it's mostly a made up argument used by Bonds haters as some sort of faux argument they use for Bonds supporters. But come on. He didn't drink in front of kids? I knew Bonds was a bad guy, but now we find out that the difference between Bonds and Ruth is that Barry needled himself in the ass in front of little leaguers?

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