Tuesday, May 23, 2006

What I'm Thinking

by SonDog

-- Apparantly, Giants' first baseman Lance Niekro bought his shoulder from the Cupertino Thrift Store. As I mentinoed earlier this year, Niekro is one of my favorite players, but the dude just can't stay healthy. Between the Mother of All Shin Splint episodes in Spring Training and the Mother of All Shoulder Bursitis episodes this week, Niekro is one sprained pinky away from the Holy Trinity of Injuries-That-Should-Not-Sideline-a-Player-For-More-Than-Two-Days. He's turning into the Peja Stojakovic of the Giants.

-- Ahhh, Detroit. Founded by the Germans, Detroit Tigers Pitching Staff literally translates to, "What the F***?" Nine shutouts through the first quarter of the season? According to my buddy, Chip (Detroit native), rookie Justin Verlander was hitting 99 with his fastball in the ninth inning of his 5-hit shutout of the Royals yesterday. Granted, the Royals offense couldn't beat the Vail Marriott/Lodge at Vail Drunken Monkeys softball team ('cause we're pretty freakin' good). Nevertheless, Verlander's arm is pretty special and (along with Jeremy Bondermon and Mike Maroth) gives the Tigers hope for not just this season, but the future as well.

-- Speaking of dominating performances, Matt Cain's 1-hitter against Oakland on Sunday was pretty special. There's no doubt he can be a stud for a long time, but it might be a while until he shows it consistently.

-- I have to admit that I've thoroughly enjoyed watching the Rockies this year. I've been to seven games at Coors Field and I enjoy it more and more each time. The fans are starting to come back to Coors with each win. I genuinely hope they stay in the NL West race through the entire season.

On that note, Aaron Cook is probably their best starter at the moment. What's interesting with Cook is that he throws two-seam fastballs almost exclusively. In 106 pitches in Friday night's game against the Toronto Blue Jays, Cook threw something like 97 fastballs. I am not making this up. In his previous outing, 95 of his 98 pitches were two-seam fastballs. His sink is so good that hitters can't do much with it even when they know it's coming (which is pretty much every pitch).

-- I love interleague play. Giants/A's, Yankees/Mets, Angels/Dodgers, Astros/Rangers, and, of course, the best rivalry of them all... Colorado Rockies vs. Toronto Blue Jays.

First of all, who's the numbnuts in the commissioner's office that decided that Toronto and Denver were "natural" rivals? Did they figure that since the South Park guys created a song about "Blame Canada," that they were destined to become a baseball rivalry? Stupid. Just stupid.

-- Like I've been saying for years... Jamey Wright, Rotation Cornerstone.

-- I'm sorry if I just can't let this go... But I just can't let this go. It's kind of what makes it great to be a Giants' fan. But I promise I won't mention it again for at least another week. Boof Bonser made his MLB debut for Minnessota last weekend. In six innings, he gave up one run and struck out 8. The combined 2006 stats for Joe Nathan, Francisco Liriano and Bonser are: 3W - 0L, 2.73 ERA, 46.1 innings, 42 hits, 12 BB, 62 K's, 14 runs, 1.17 WHIP, 6 SV, only 2 HR allowed. The stats for the guy the Giants received in return for this trinity of studs is, .000, 0HR, 0RBI, 1 Right Cross, compliments of Michael Barrett. I loath A.J. Pierzynski.


Stapes said...

You've got issues ove the boof bonser trade. We know it was the worst trade in franchise history but you need to get over it. Get some counciling.

What do you think of JT Snow calling the giants and asking them to take him back in a trade? I know JT is the age-range that makes Sabean salivate but that is kind of a pussy move. JT - maybe you'd get more playing time if you could get the ball out of the infield. And if you can't why don't you just enjoy your $2 million sitting the bench for a first place team.

Don't you love how the Sox and Yankees can spend $2 million for a ninth inning defensive replacement

sondog said...

Dude, I do have issues. Everytime I see one of those guys pitch, I want to gougue my eyes out with a rusty screwdriver. It's like what Detroit fans must have felt like in the John Smoltz/Doyle Alexander trade, only infinitely worse. I'll stop talking about it (until Liriano throws a 1-hitter with 17 K's, then I'll want the head of whomever advised Sabean that this was a good move at the time).

J.T.'s move was pretty bush. I liked J.T. as a Giant, but I hope Sabean isn't stupid enough to bring him back. If they want a .200 hitter playing first base, they can just start Vizcaino everyday.

Speaking of which, how does Vizcaino still have a job? He might as well become a roving minor-league instructor at this point as that's all he's good for. It's not like he's in for his glove either. I'm not sure if he can even shag fly balls cleanly.

bh said...

Remember when Orlando signed Tree Rollins to a couple of 10-day contracts in the '93 season when Shaquille O'Neal was hurt? That's how I feel about Vizcaino.