Sunday, January 18, 2009

How 'Bout That NFC West?

Yeah, there will still be some out there groaning that the best team in the NFC is not going to be playing two Sundays from now. Geez, last Sunday after Philly beat New York to get into the NFC Championship Game, some were upset that two 9-win teams had made it, certain the game was going to be a bummer of a shitfest of a mistake-filled blah. These weren't the two best teams in the NFC and no playoff outcome - and all usually pertinent BCS arguments be damned - was going to change that. There was the usual snarky, groupthinky douchitude orbiting the blogosphere regarding the Cardinals and the NFC West and big losses to the Jets and Patriots, and the how, oh how, were we supposed to enjoy this NFC Championship tilt when these two obviously, painfully flawed teams were involved?

And then the game was great. Kurt Warner looked like the Hall of Famer that some are now certain he has become. The Cards tried to show they could win a game running nothing but trick plays and Philly made the last thirty minutes edge-of-your-seat worthy. And now the team no one took seriously is going to the Super Bowl where they will try to continue their aerial barrage. Yay, I say. If my team (Niners) can't get there, it might as well be the team they almost took care of on one Monday night not too long ago. My guess is that the Steelers defense will shut down Warner and the leap-ball offense. But for all of you who acted like the hot girl at the prom, dissmissing the nerdy-ish kid with the sweet dance moves who you'd maybe noticed once or twice but never took seriously, eat it.

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