Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Did you watch Ohio State/Texas?


Matt Vasgersian is awful. Hot-air blowing douche. It seems there is a generation of sportscasters (Joe Buck, Brenneman, Vasgersian) who believe more is more. When a moment would best be left without the interruption of blowhardies, they instead try to superfluously inject excitement, judgment or drama. God dammit, shut the hell up.

Fox is awful. I'm not interested in long visuals of Colt McCoy's girlfriend in the stands. I'm hearing a verbal blowjob given to McCoy all game by Vasgersian and Tim Ryan, so why do I need to see the girl who's going to be giving him a real one after the game? Stop showing pictures of the girlfriend/Mom/Dad/sister/brother/high school coach/anyone not directly involved with the game but some connection to a player.

Mack Brown is a fat fuck. The Texas that was fawned over all year by the sports media should have beaten the shit out of Ohio State.

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