Tuesday, January 27, 2009

What the F@*! is Going On In San Francisco, You Ask?

I get the feeling Mike Singletary is going to be a Bill Belichick style coach. I don't mean success-wise (I'll be thrilled if he has one-half the success Belichick has had in New England) but in that there are going to be guys who can't stand him and won't work for or with him, while there are going to be coaches and players who will walk through fire for him. Did you notice Scott Linehan is going to coordinate the Lions offense? According to the Chronicle,

Those close to Linehan say he was not comfortable with Singletary and did not like either of the quarterbacks on the roster, Shaun Hill and Alex Smith.

In the immortal words of Larry David, "Fuuck him!"

The Niners' offensive coordinator search looks bad at this point. At last count the team had brought in seven candidates, offering the job to one, Linehan. It looks like a bumbling jumblefuck of a search with Singletary interviewing anyone with anything close to resembling an offensive approach. But I find myself having faith in the John Galt-ness of Mike Singletary. You can come live is his objectivist utopia, but you sure as shit better get why you're there. If you don't want to be there, it's because you don't get it. Those who scoff and laugh may look good now, but time will find them wishing they'd been on board from the beginning.

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