Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Sports News?

It's so, I don't know, passe to bash the WWL, but come on. Lately ESPN has been going a bit overboard with the gossip-posing-as-headlines schtick, and today is no exception. The "headlines":

Maybe, maaaaybe two of those represent actual news stories. But a guy in a dress at Super Bowl Media Day? Really? Some crazy fucktard hasn't done something douchy at every Media Day over the past fifteen years? A dress seems somewhat tame. Reports of assholes denying and defending and wishing and hoping? Fucking please. It's all become sitting around the popular girl's locker in high school, listening to her recite what she has heard from others about bitches and skanks. Is there any less credible "news" "source" in the sports world today?

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