Friday, January 30, 2009

Suck At Your Job?

Well, hell then, join ESPN.

The WWL hired former Jets and Chiefs Head Coach Herm Edwards as a talking head this week after the coach was fired by Kansas City. On the day the news was released, the "story" was in ESPN's "HEADLINES" section. Now it can be found in the same section on the network's NFL page.

Herm Edwards was well-known for his sound bites while coaching the Kansas City Chiefs and New York Jets. Now he'll be taking his talking talents to ESPN. Edwards, recently fired as head coach of the Chiefs, is joining ESPN as an NFL studio analyst and will start in mid-February."I'm excited about the opportunity to join the ESPN team and offer my insight as a former player and head coach. I'm going to be truthful with my opinions on all the issues that take place on and off the field of play," Edwards said in a statement.

Edwards had been an NFL head coach for the past eight seasons, leading the Jets and Chiefs to four playoff appearances. His overall coaching record was 56-77. In addition, he is one of only four NFL coaches to lead two teams to playoff berths in his first season with a new team.

(continues digging)...but then oversaw teams that got worse almost every year. Not counting those first two years in which Edwards was coaching teams he'd inherited, his record was 35-61. That's Millen-esque!

"Herm is well-liked and highly respected throughout the league, and his insights and opinions as a former coach will make a tremendous addition to our year-round NFL coverage," Norby Williamson, ESPN executive vice president, production said in a statement.

This is a fucking press release. Eat it, ESPN. And "well-known for his sound bites?" Really? I remember one that barely qualifies as memorable. I'm sure Edwards is "well-liked," and pooooossssibly "highly respected," but what the hell is a failure as an NFL coach doing on a national football telecast?

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