Friday, January 30, 2009

MHR Super Predictions

Really, don't we all hate predictions? Yes. You might not know it, but you hate them. If I'm way off on a prediction, I won't bring it up again. If I'm close, you're darn right you're going to hear about it. There's the Matthew Berry approach to predictions, in which a person guesses on about 1,ooo outcomes each week, then touts the three he got right when next week's column comes along. But we aren't that douchy here at Mile High Ramblings. Predictions only arise three or four times each year; maybe for the Super Bowl and World Series and maybe the College Football National Championship. My best guess ever came for the 2006 USC/Texas game, when I'd predicted a 42-40 Texas win. The outcome? 41-38 Texas, forever cementing me as the clown who brings up the 2006 Rose Bowl game as evidence of is prognosticating awesomeness. So...

Steelers 23- Cardinals 17