Saturday, April 29, 2006

The Holy Trinity - Part II - Snake Oil

by SonDog

I absolutely love the NFL draft. Honestly, I'm not quite sure why, as football is my least favorite out of the three major American sports. Anyways, while in college, I summed up my feelings about the NFL draft in this story for The Orion in my weekly column, Crossing the Line.

Rather than re-hash everything I said then, I'll let you click on that link (OZ and Stapes, I'm confident you burned this story from The Orion into your memory years ago.)

I'm don't want to play arm-chair scout (as I've tried to do with basketball and baseball) but overall I'm pretty happy with the 49ers draft picks. DMo and I have already disagreed at who the Niners should have taken with the sixth pick, but last year we disagreed all season about the future of Alex Smith. Truthfully, I think those two will work together like peanut butter and jelly ("Kind of like oil and water." "Those two things don't go together, Ricky Bobby.").

Vernon Davis is a physical freak for a tight end. If Eric Johnson can get healthy, the Niners can run a lot of two-tight end sets (thereby eliminating the need to ever hear the words "Heatherington" and "in the game"). I also like the pick of Lawson later in the first round. (Side Note: BH and I were on the phone discussing the draft when the Niners selected NC State's free safety, Marcus Hudson. Based solely on the fact that the Niners drafted two defensive players from NC State, and Mario Williams was the first player selected in the draft (over Reggie Bush?!?! And Houston made that pick with a straight face?!?!), we concluded that NC State is the Nations premier IA defensive program. And that's about all I have to say about this year's draft.

Class Exercise: Quick, pick out the out-of-place numbnuts in this picture! Yup, that's the owner!

While I'm on the subject of football, it should be noted that I am in Dallas at the moment and I actually had a business meeting today across the street from the Dallas Cowboys' practice facility. I think they just converted an airplane hangar and stuck the Dallas star on the side. It was the ugliest monstrociy I have ever seen. (By the way, I hate the Cowboys.) I also had the opportunity to circle Texas Stadium for 30 minutes while trying to kill time between appointments. It took everything I had not to drive my rental car (why do they always give you a freakin' Dodge Stratus?) into the stadium just so I could stand on the star like Terrell Owens. Then I remembered that Owens IS a Cowboy now. It makes me hate that team so much more.

The craziest thing I have come across in Dallas? A high-school in Plano was having football practice this afternoon. It's May 1. I guess they do take high-school football serious down here.


C-lo said...

Back off the Cowboys, Sondog. I'm sure you thought I didn't read this anymore, but I felt compelled today and lookie what I found. A Niners fan bashing the Cowboys...shocker. You know, I could have gotten you into the stadium to have your picture taken on the star in all of your glory. You just let me know if you want in there. And I can get you a tour of the inside of that "airplane hangar" too if you would like. I think you'd never want to leave.

sondog said...

I was thinking of you when I wrote that. And by the way, you're not just supposed to read the site... you're supposed to WRITE on it as well!

If I had more time I would have called you to get me in just so I could pee all over the practice field. I would have been worse than Rocky when I take him for a run on the North Trail.