Saturday, April 22, 2006

Omar Vizquel is Neat

posted by BH

The baseball season is approximately twenty games old, which is just deep enough into the schedule to have developed insane predictions based on a pretty small sample size. As a Giants fan, I've already decided that this team scares the hell out of me.

Why does anyone pitch to Albert Pujols when the game is even close to competitive? The guy's a stud. He's Bonds three years ago. The only thing that will stop Pujols (Poo-holes) will be injury, but he doesn't look like he's got the body type that will break down, nor does he play a position that will lend itself to kicking his ass (I'm looking at you Ken Griffey, Jr.).

Um, has anyone else noticed that Jason Giambi is kind of being treated like he did nothing wrong? I'm kind of having a hard time understanding this development.

Omar Vizquel is the best player I've ever seen. I'm not even joking.

I have no idea how the Giants have a winning record at this point. The bullpen contains two guys who can get people out with any level of consistency (Scott Munter, Steve Kline), and kind of, you know, not much else. Tim Worrell looked allright until Thursday night. Armando Benitez is topping out at 90. Tyler Walker couldn't knock over bottles at the fair. Who knows what's going on with Jack Taschner. The hitting has been atrocious, with Winn (.339), Alou (.286, 4 HR's), and Vizquel (.370) being the only guys doing anything with a bat prior to a Coors Field fix-all. They do lead the league in defense, which I think has saved this team so far.

Barry Bonds starts the year hitting like Mario Mendoza, and everyone says, "Hmmmm." Manny Ramirez can't by a bomb until his 17th game, and no one bats an eye. I heard some doof on ESPN Radio Saturday coming home from Chico prior to the Giants/Rocks game, say that Bonds has looked bad at the plate, that he looks like he's breaking down. Um, stupid, you haven't actually watched any games. You see box scores or highlights from Sportscenter, which makes you think you're qualified to comment. Bonds has been hitting some rockets. He's hit at least five balls to the warning track. He's had at least six hits taken away by the Bonds shift. Yes, coming into Saturday's game, he was hitting .200 with 0 home runs, but that's 6 for 30, not actually some meaningful sample size. So I guess the lesson is, shmoe from the worldwide leader, watch a goddamn game before you comment like you know what you're talking about. He did hit his first bomb Saturday night, by the way.

Remember when the White Sox were 1-4?

Really, I could talk about the Giants and their bullpen all night in some masochitic fit. Really, I'd rather they just fix the problem by bringing up Merkin Valdez or throwing Raghetti out there for a few innings.


sondog said...

Brian Wilson was awesome yesterday. It was great because he still didn't have a name above his number and the scoreboard read: #33 Unknown.

Seriously, he was hitting 93-95 the whole time with a slider from hell. The Rockies didn't know what to do with him. He surpassed Valdez in Fresno, but I wouldn't be suprised to see Valdez up sometime soon as well.

I feel bad for Tyler Walker, but whatever. Hopefully Taschner figures out what the hell he's doing in Fresno too because the minute they brought Fassero in yesterday, I knew the game was over.

bh said...

Fleming and Papa were having a good time with no number on the back of Wilson's jersey, as were Rockie fans, I'm certain.