Wednesday, April 26, 2006

A Ray of Sunshine? A Bit of Hope?

posted by BH

I had the opportunity to watch today's Giants/Mets game on the tube. It looked good, then bad, then bad,then good, then really bad, then Bonds yoked a ball to tie the game in the bottom of the ninth. All I could think of was J.T. Snow, who hit a bomb off of then-Met Armando Benitez in the bottom of the ninth to tie game 2 of the 2000 NLDS. I hopped around the lobby of the Vail Village Inn like a maniac, only to see the Giants fall in 10. Today, despite the pleasure I felt after Bonds turned around a 99 mph fastball (on the ballpark gun) from Billy Wagner, I knew they were going down. When they finally did fall after 11 innings, I was looking at the good, rather than the 11-10 record the team is sporting or the fact that they've lost their last two series when the could have and maybe should have won them.

-Bonds is kind of hitting. .244 is a lot better than .172. He's hit three home runs in his last five games- all outside pitches and all to the opposite field. Maybe managers will see this and determine Bonds can, despite popular belief, get to that pitch. Maybe they won't. It's nice to know he still knows what to do with a fastball.

-Moises Alou went 3-6, and is now hitting .349 on the year. He is exactly what the Giants need behind Bonds- an RBI guy with opportunities to drive guys in. Right now, He's what the Giants thought they were getting when they signed him before last season.

-Armando Benitiez, despite some tightrope walking, threw like a stud, at time reaching 96 on the stadium gun. I wouldn't call what he had today control, necessarily. More like semi-effectively wild. The point is, he was throwing hard and did so for 46 pitches. The control will come as he gets back into a rythym.

Really, despite the loss, I'm kind of happy. The Giants held in there with what is supposed to be a lot better team.


SonDog said...

I'm not happy. You must have had your grande lattee enima for breakfast or something (my favorite line from Fight club).

If the bullpen's collective ERA climbs to over 9.00, do they activate Mark Gardner? Outside of Benitez, their three "late inning specialists" (Worrell, Kline, Munter) all have ERA's over 5. That's pathetic. I like Munter, and I know he just had a bad outing, but my patience is thin with Worrell.

I mentioned this in a comment earlier, but I think Fassero has information regarding Brian Sabean's love child or something. It's the only thing I can think of that keeps him on this team. I'm happy he performed well in his 1/3 inning of relief today, but I think he should now retire.

bh said...

This team is not without it's problems, of course. But we've been complaining about Benitez and his diminished velocity and control since he signed with San Fran. It's nice to see a semi good outing (even though he walked the bases loaded in the 10th). Yeah, the bullpen has been really bad, and, outside Benitez, I didn't bring it up because its failings have been documented ad nauseam. I'm not jumping around my living room in a fit of joy, but I'm as happy as one can be following a loss.

bh said...

Speaking of grande latte enima's, Eric Byrnes is playing for Arizona these days. I seriously couldn't watch the guy in Oakland, and I couldn't watch him when the Giants were in Phoenix a few series back. I can't stand the way the guy plays. "Hey, look at me! I misplayed a pop-up so that I had to make a diving catch. My hat fell off during the play, but I'm so excited that I'm going to get up, jump around, and leave my hat on the field. Aren't I a moron?"

Stapes said...

Good morning boys. Good post Barry (H)...I'm happy Barry (B) is improving. I won't quit worrying though until he turns on a pitch and hits one to right field. I'm looking at the schedule and see Philly next weekend. That could be a BAD scene if he ties or passes Ruth there.

Has Worrell run out of gas? I know it's April but I'm serious. I think he may have already given them everything he has.

bh said...

Yeah, I'm thinking his five saves emptied the tank.

I agree that Bonds has a long way to go. I just feel a little more comfortable with what I'm seeing from him over the past few games. I still cringe every time a ball is hit into left field. I'm not sure he can really even bend over anymore to grab grounders.

sondog said...

Worrell is done. Fortunately Sabean only signed him for two years, meaning... wait... TWO FREAKIN' YEARS?!?! I think Kline is nearing his end as well. Maybe Sabean will go out and sign John Franco to replace him. I hear Kent Tekulve is on the market, as is Jeff Brantley and Steve Bedrosian.

It's painful to watch Bonds in left right now. He's moving with all the spunk of a 80-year-old grandmother suffering from osteoperosis.

bh said...

Sondog, read today's