Sunday, October 22, 2006

Little Hitler and Coach Musslehead

by SonDog

--Thanks to Kevan Barlow for that title. His famous quote regarding 49ers coach Mike Nolan will stick for years. For a fantastic breakdown of Nolan's influence over the Niner organization, check out this story in the SF Chronicle. Of particular note is the player movement chart at the end of the article. The funny thing about the article is that it makes you understand why Barlow made his comment. It sounds like people have to report to Nolan before they can be allowed to take a piss. How Nolan was able to talk John York into giving the rookie coach so much power is beyond all comprehension. One thing is for sure... when Nolan's first book comes out (and you know its coming), I'm going to pick up a copy and use his techniques when negotiating my next job. The title of the book must be, Little Hitler.

--Call me a conspiracy theorist, but I think Coach Musslehead got his DUI on purpose, just so he could relate to Ron Artest to a greater degree. Or maybe Muss is just an idiot. Remarkably, the Sacramento Bee was tame in its take on the Mussleman DUI. Essentially, the columnists are advocates for a second chance. While I agree with that, it surprises me that the Bee, in all it's glory, is not laying down the thunder on Mussleman. If this were Rick Adelman? Ailene Voison would be advocating the electric chair. Chris Webber? Death by firing squad. I'm interested in reading what Marty McNeal has to say tomorrow. Surely the race card will be played.

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