Saturday, October 14, 2006

Sports Gal is Back

by C-lo

First of all, let's all thank DELL for providing me with a new laptop that allows me to write ramblings from my biscuit (that's my bed for those not from the south). Yes, the only female contributor to Mile High Ramblings is back and ready for action.

Football season is really the only time where I can contribute because I could honestly care less about the NBA, NHL and MLB. For all intensive purposes, I'm a college fan through and through but enjoy the NFL enough to spend 1/2 of my work day on ESPN Page 2 reading and analyzing Bill Simmon's take on the league and the weekend's match-ups. Thanks for getting me hooked on that one Sondog.

So, as the Sports Guy's wife gets to chime in as the Sports Gal, as will I. Read it or don't, but here it is.

We'll start with college football...not too many match-ups that I care about this week but these are the ones I'll be keeping a close eye on.

OHIO ST/MICH ST: Oh, what do I really care? OSU isn't going to get beaten by the Spartans or anyone else on their remaining schedule so why even worry. OSU will go into the BCS is the #2 that will remain a toss-up for the remainder of the season.

FLORIDA/AUBURN: What I believe to be the most important game of the day...the only 2 ranked teams to compete against each other this weekend . After a whipping by the Arkansas Razorbacks, the Tigers must come back with a big win this weekend to have a chance to win the SEC West. On the other hand, the Florida Gators have had huge wins this year with this really being their last test. If they can hold off the Tigers this weekend, they can cruise to the SEC championship with only one possible battle coming against the Georgia Bulldogs (who have nothing to lose at this point). The problem with getting an SEC team into the BCS at this point is the strength of the league. Seems every team has the chance to upset a high-ranked opponent and the league continues to beat each other up. I still see Florida taking this one on the road at Auburn and cruising to the SEC Championship in Atlanta even though Auburn wants a win more than Rep. Foley wants young pages.

On to the NFL. I'll make this as easy as possible. I've tried not to get wrapped up in this season as it seems that there is so much parody it isn't worth my time, but here I sit. These are my picks for Week 6:

Buffalo over Detroit: No question. I don't care who you put at QB, the Lions just can't get it together.

Carolina over Baltimore: Difficult pick for me. Carolina receivers or Baltimore dbacks? I'm taking Carolina's receivers after Baltimore's dbacks got so much play time against Plummer.

Tampa Bay over Cincinatti: Chris Simms makes my stomach cramp every time he drops back, but I see some potential with this team (thanks to his supporting actors).

Dallas over Houston: No brainer. The prediction here should be how many interceptions Drew "The Curse" Bledsoe throws. I'm putting my money on only one in this game as he knows Tony Romo is as close to taking his job as Kate Moss is to taking her next line of coke.

Atlanta over NY Giants: No good reason.

Philly over NO: Though my heart is with NO this season, the Eagles, even without Westbrook, can't be taken down this week. Damn Eagles.

St. Louis over Seattle: Still think Seattle can't hang on without Alexander. St. Louis continues to be lucky as hell and takes a huge win this weekend.

Washington over Tenn: Gibbs always seems to need a win like Samuel L Jackson always seems to need a good movie role. He'll get it this weekend over the disappointing Titans.

Pitt over KC: Big Ben looks more like Tiny Tim this season but looks to come back this week and prove himself as a big-time QB.

Jets over Miami: After being completely embarrassed by the Jaguars, the Jets will come out strong this week. Miami's quarterback situation is more messed up than a pile of coat hangers and don't look for it to get straightened out this week.

SD over SF: Sorry, Sondog. San Diego, San Diego, San Diego.

Denver over Oakland: Classic rivalry but no chance for Oakland this year. They're looking to start 1/2 of the "black hole" on the offensive line and all we can hope for are great sideline shots of Art Shell.

Chicago over Arizona: Again, no brainer. I see Urlacher knocking the pretty boy out of Leinart and with Fitzgerald out, any down-field options are gone. The ball will go to Edge, but to no avail. I'll take Chicago by 20 (at least).
Random Thoughts:
- Did the NBA already start? Didn't we just get rid of that?

- Is Kobe really the face of the NBA video game this year? How is he still a role model?

- Does Drew Bledsoe really suck that bad? Sure, TO's blowing up on the sidelines, but don't you think he's got a right this time? Time for Romo.

- I only watch baseball when it comes to the playoffs, but I can't even watch that this year. Could this season BE more boring?

Until next time...


SonDog said...

Three things:

1) Welcome back. We missed you.

2) I'm still taking Seattle over St. Louis this weekend.

3) Yes, Kobe is on the cover of a new game. And yes, the game and the adverts mention his self-given moniker, "Black Mamba."

As I said last year, I find it utterly hillarious that Kobe gave himself a nickname made famous by Uma Thurman's character in Kill Bill. Last year, I referred to Kobe as "The Mamba" whenever his name bared mention. This year, I will refer to him as "Uma Thurman."

bh said...

Is Kobe really the face of the NBA video game this year? How is he still a role model?

Well, the game is actually called "White Chicks." know, he's a total role model.

C-lo said...

Funny. After the first set of games today, I've given up on picking teams. You won't see one of those blogs again. Promise.

the butler said...

you're not doing nearly as bad as I did with my start/sit. I look like I've never watched a football game in my life.

Great call with Tampa, Simms's supporting cast kicked ass.

The Titans ruined my parlay, but I don't care...we're gonna win out and make the playoffs. Heh. Right.

bh said...

I heard Larry Johnson's status for today was uncertain and I was going nuts needing an RB, so I gave a a start to Johnson's backup, Dee Brown. His line: 0 carries, 0 yards, 0 bh points. Fuck.