Monday, October 30, 2006

Mike Nolan Would be Great in the White House

by SonDog

Niner coach Mike Nolan is starting to scare me a bit. His team is coming off its third blowout loss of this young season and doesn't appear to be heading in any discernable direction. I'm fine with that, because it's about what I expected. However, what I'm not fine with are the quotes attributed to Nolan and Eric Johnson after yesterdays humiliating loss to the Chicago Bears. Here's what I'm referring to (courtesy San Francisco Chronicle):

Nolan: "I'm going to stay the course and work to get it done. I know the issues we have. I'm not going to quit on anybody. They're not going to lose me. They don't have a choice."

Johnson: "As he says, 'Stay the course,' " tight end Eric Johnson said. "That can get kind of old. But we have to. We have no other choice."

As was said in the article, "'Stay the course' could be perceived as a chilling statement for the 49ers in light of the futility shown by the club of late."

The whole "Stay the Course" nonsense is bothering me this morning. It's not only that we've heard that same saying for years regarding Iraq (although President Bushie did make a point recently to say he will stop saying the useless cliche with regards to the war), but now I have to hear Coach Hitler talk about Staying the Course with regards to a team that is 6-17 under his helm? C'mon. That's just stupid. Why stay the course on something that is failing miserably?

Nolan, if you're going to borrow buzz-phrases, make sure they are not from our current presidential administration. If I hear him refer to his defense as a group of left-wing liberals, I just may be forced to cut my ears off with a dull butter knife.


DMo said...

"Stay the Course" aka keep plugging away through the shit to find a diamond ring, light at the end of the turbulent tunnel, to get somewhere nice one must pass thru some shit. Something like that is what he is referring to I believe douchbag. Is somebody grumpy today? Ahhh, poor Sonny.

the butler said...

Hey and Nolan is following in his father's footsteps, just like little Bush.

Coincidence? I think not!

I think we should check Nolan's Skull and Bones ties.

SonDog said...

DMo, it's not just that "Stay the Course," is stupid, it's that it is a rip-off from the Bush administration. Specifically, it's a rip-off from something that the Bush administration now says didn't work. (Ergo, staying the course is not the right approach.) That same phrase was in another article today in the Chronicle and it made me want to rip my eyebrows off. Stupid. Stupid. Stupid. Stupid.

DMo said...

Oh. Don't follow politics. Stop making comparisons between Nolan and Bush. I don't like Bush. Well, I guess a little is okay as long as it is soft. DMo Bitches!!