Thursday, October 26, 2006

McCarver update

posted by BH

A half inning after Ivan Rodriguez had tagged up on a fly hit to Jim Edmonds, advancing from first to second, Tim McCarver used a close-up of Edmonds to show him telling tonight's right fielder, Chris Duncan, to let him know when a guy is tagging from first. McCarver described the play as being caused by Duncan's inexperience. Now, there are three things wrong here. 1) McCarver doesn't know what the hell Edmonds said to Duncan. 2) If Edmonds was really telling Duncan to let him know that Pudge was tagging, he's a bigger buttfuck, buck-passing douchebag than I thought he was. 3) Inexperience, Tim? Duncan is 25 years old. My guess is he started playing ball when he was 6. 25-6=19. Your answer is that Duncan hasn't had enough experience to know what to do on an extremely routine play? YOU'RE A FUCKING MORON!!!

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