Monday, October 30, 2006

Worst. Intro. Ever.

posted by BH

I just saw the intro for Monday Night Football for the first time this season. Holy shit. I can't beleive how horrible the thing is. Worse than the ill-conceived idea that normal existence is miraculously turned into a football game is that the whole thing is a GMC commercial. You know what would make an awesome intro? One helmet dropping onto the screen, with Frank Gifford narrating something about one of the teams. That would be neat.


DMo said...

trucks, manliness, football. It all makes sense to me douchbag.

I also did not see the intro.

C-lo said...

I find the intro to Sunday Night Football much worse. Pink? What the hell?!

the butler said...

Just last night was the first time I've noticed that the freakin' drummer is ?uestlove. It looks like a goddamn FarmAid concert up there. All that's missin' is Neil Young.

SonDog said...

That's Pink on Sunday nights? I thought it was a transvestite. I couldn't figure it out, but now it makes so much sense.

Can a guy get a little more John Cougar Melencamp though? I haven't heard his song nearly enough.

bh said...

Yeah, that Pink crap is horseshit. She looks and sings like a donkey snorting tacs with a monkey doing lines off its ass.

NBC Exec #1: "Who can we get to sing the intro to Sunday Night Football? It needs to someone who really represents what the game is all about."

NBC Exec #2: "Fuck, I don't know. Let's just ask Pink."

the butler said...

Kornheiser classic from 11/6-

As they fade in from commercial, the shot is of the Space Needle, in front of a gleaming, beautiful shot of the moon.

Kornheiser says, "that moon can't be from tonight!"


I swear I could hear the producer slap him right then. Christian Slater was on and didn't even say anything near that stupid. Hell, might have been Slater that I might have heard slap Kornheiser.

What an idiot.