Friday, June 29, 2007

Mike Conley, Jr. and the Morning After

With the number four pick in the 2007 NBA Draft, the Memphis Grizzlies select....

Mike Conley, Jr. PG - THE Ohio State University...and his 40 and 1/2 inch vertical leapers.

Thank God. For a second there, I was balancing on the ledge of my buddy's balcony, fully prepared to plummet to my grave if the name, "Joakim Noah" came out of Stern's mouth. Yesterday I wrote about wanting the sexy pick, either Brandan Wright or Yi Jianlian. Kyle Lowry, the Grizzlies pick at #24 last year, was the question mark. While many made the observation that point guard was a need for Memphis, some wondered if the Grizzlies staff believed Lowry (who broke his hand after 17 games last year) could be a viable option.

So Memphis escapes with no Gators. I would like to personally thank everyone that hyped up Al Horford(next Karl Malone...HA!). Atlanta, even though they were able to snag Acie Law with their second lottery pick, passed on the #1 PG prospect yet again. And now we can take a look at the starting five for the 2007-2008 Memphis Grizzlies:

PG- Mike Conley, Jr. SG- Mike Miller SF- Rudy Gay PF- Hakim Warrick C- Pau Gasol

With a bench consisting of: Damon Stoudamire, Tarence Kinsey, Kyle Lowry, Lawrence Roberts, Chucky Atkins, etc. Trades and/or free agent dealings could dramatically alter the above before the dawn of the season.

Enough about the Grizzlies. Who cares about them anyway? Some monster trades went down last night! What a night for Blazers fans. I'm jealous. Here's what their starting roster looks like as of now: (Francis won't start, right?)

PG- Jarrett Jack SG- Brandon Roy SF- Anybody PF- LaMarcus Aldridge C- Greg Oden

...and how 'bout Boston and Seattle!?!?!?

Celtics: PG- Rondo/Telfair SG- Ray Allen SF- Paul Pierce PF- Al Jefferson C- Big Dude(s)

plus a healthy crop of youngsters: Tony Allen, Gerald Green, Ryan Gomes, Allen Ray, and a nice second round pick, Gabe Pruitt. Oh, and they got Baby Shaq, too.

Sonics: PG- Ridnour/Watson SG- Szczerbiak/West/Jeff Green? SF- Kevin Durant PF- Chris Wilcox C- 5-headed Monster (I'm assuming they won't be able to keep R. Lewis)

...and what about the Knicks? (loved the part where Spike Lee called NY's pick 2 minutes before it was announced..."the brotha from DePaul")

PG- Starbury SG- Crawford/Richardson SF- Spike Lee PF- Zach Randolph C- Eddy Curry

with a 6th man-of-the-year candidate to boot...Mr. David Lee. And brotha from DePaul.

Speaking of trades...what in the name of Jebush Christmas is Michael Jordan smoking? That trade pissed Steven A. off so badly I thought he might have a conniption.

Who else did well for themselves?

Detroit: Rodney Stuckey(#15) and Arron Afflalo(#27) - two solid guard prospects.

Golden State: Brandan Wright(#8) via aforementioned bonehead trade, Marco Belinelli(#18), and Stephane Lasme(#46)

T'Wolves: Corey Brewer(#7), and Chris Richard(#41)- two quality players, without reaching.

Philadelphia: Thaddeus Young(#12), Jason Smith(#20 - a guy Chad Ford thinks is pretty much the same player as Yi?!?!?) Derrick Byers(#42)

And in closing...I'm pretty sure I'm not the only one who noticed this-

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SonDog said...

Great pick for Memphis. Wanna trade? Hawes for Conley? C'mon, I'll even throw in cash considerations.