Friday, June 01, 2007

One Shining Moment

After a week of having the University of Arkansas get bashed daily on in The Broyle-ing Point, I was looking for a bright spot in my sports week. Don't get me wrong, watching LeBron personally man handle the Pistons was enjoyable and put a smile on my face, but my Hogs have been crapping on my heart all spring and I needed a little pep in my step.

Enter Willie Warren, a 6'4" shooting guard that Arkansas coach John Pelphrey is hoping will be one of his top recruits for 2008 (and the jam in my jellyroll this week).

Dunk you very much!

Now, the chance of this guy...

Yes, this is my head coach

...signing this guy... about as high as Sondog's vertical leap, but I'm just happy to have some good news posted about my Hogs. And while I'm at it, I might as well start the campaign now...


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SonDog said...

McFadden has to be the leader at the clubhouse for Heisman. He HAS TO.

I thought of you when ESPN did its special on the state of Arkansas. I'm sorry it has become such a Chernobyl. McFadden winning the Heisman would turn it all around though.