Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Douche Alert!

Bobby Petrino has left the Falcons with three games left in the season. I know there's no loyalty in sports today, but this guy is the worst violator. Wait until the end of the year, at least. Demonstrate that you understand the word 'commitment.' Your words don't mean anything. You are inconsequential. You are a good college x's and o's guy, but nothing more. What will you teach your players? Responsibility? Sticking through the fight? Honesty? Integrity? If it gets too hard, bail?
You say you didn't think about or contact Arkansas people until Tuesday, after resigning? In other words, you just up and left with three games left in the season, without any sort of inkling from anyone or anywhere that you were thinking of quitting? And after the decision was made, Arkansas called you, or you called them, and in the span of a few hours a multi-million dolar contract was hammered out, examined by your representatives, approved by all those involved at Arkansas, and accpeted? That can't really be true, now can it? You are a dishonest liar. In your press conference last night, you said the timing was the hardest part of your decision-making process. Aren't you stating that the Arkansas job reqiured you to quit when you did? Are fans meant to believe that you quit, hoping that you could orchestrate your way into the Razorbacks job? What if they hadn't wanted to hire you? What if you simply became the guy who quit his job before it was finished, then sat at home for at least a season?
No, I don't buy that. Both you and Arkansas had this figured out before you quit the Falcons job. Your 4 year-old level of deceipt is going to be uncovered, and there will be penalties.

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