Wednesday, December 26, 2007

No More Christmas

I'm still recovering from the Christmas haze. I played with the kid's toys when he went back to his mom's (he's got Lincoln Logs. Lincoln Logs!!), ate a goose, which is crazy, and drank so festive egg nog and hot buttered rum. Blogged? No. I didn't even have a tinge of desire. I didn't get online or look at the paper. But today we arrive at Christmas Post, and I guess I missed some crazy shit, notably a tiger at the San Francisco Zoo killed a guy and injured two others. Holy shit. Hooooooooooolyyyyyyyy shit. Who thinks the zoo is dangerous? For humans, I mean. I figured I'd cruise the site for their take, but instead I found this little bit about Eva Mendes posing nude. No tiger fur here. But the guy who died at the zoo. Shit. No, I mean, that totally sucks. Evidently, some outlets were initially reporting that the killing happened after-hours and foul play was suspected of the three men hurt or killed by the tiger. Not so much, it turns out. This is sad stuff, media fucktards, not an excuse.

-The NBA on ABC is tradition, the way Ralphie's aunt makes him crazy shit to wear every Christmas. Just because you call it tradition doesn't mean a) it is, or b) it's good.

-Guh, this isn't helping Clemens at all. He looks like he's grasping at straws, and having his lawyer or agent do all the talking is not helping. It's like a guy in an interrogation room knowing he's caught but trying to stay one step ahead of the detective.

That's it, I guess. Functioning on Christmas Post is like going for a run after two weeks off.

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