Monday, December 10, 2007

You're retarded, Part III

This thing writes itself. The greatest trilogy since Back to the Future.

Some Falcons players are wearing items demonstrating their allegiance to Michael Vick. Allegiance might be the wrong word, but it's clear their actions are some sort of ill-conceived way to memorialize their old teammate's involvement in the NFL and with the Falcons. Okay DeAngelo and Roddy - White is wearing a "Free Michael Vick" undershirt - I know what you're doing. I know you had a relationship and friendship with him, but it's dumb. This isn't a guy who died senselessly. He didn't find himself in a situation by accident. He wasn't incriminated by corrupt cops blaming a black guy despite a lack of evidence. He killed dogs. He trained dogs to kill other dogs. He tortured them. He brutalized them. He lied about it. A lot. To a lot of different people. He lied about a lot of things. Michael Vick is a bad guy. Do no memorialize this guy, please. Do not treat him like he is a victim. It minimizes real victims and what he did.

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