Saturday, December 15, 2007

I Really Don't Want to Talk About It

The Mitchell Report...sigh.

Everybody has an opinion. All I really want to say is:

-Naming names was a mistake, insomuch as the list is not exhasutive, therefore only a few of the guilty have to answer while several of the guilty do not. Mitchell wrote that the list was not complete and more research would reveal more names, but that doesn't help Clemens or Bonds. They are, in essence, fucked, while other users who were not listed benefit. Naming names was a mistake.

-There is way more questioning of the Mitchell Report than there ever was Game of Shadows. Raciscm, anyone? Undeniably. All one had to do was watch ESPN the day the report was released to understand so. It was made clear that Clemens' inclusion made things different because, like McGwire, he was Mr. American Baseball; a big strong guy from Texas with a hard fastball. Demonstrating the true racist nature of sports fans in the U.S., poll after poll on and other sites have revealed that fans think Clemens is still HOF-worthy, while Bonds lags far behind.

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