Sunday, November 13, 2005

The Boy Has Become A Man

by BH

I didn't get to watch much of the piece, so in a perfect world I would probably reserve judgement. However, on Sunday NFL Countdown on ESPN, a preview for an upcoming segment had to do with Jeremy Shockey being less of a party guy than he had been. Something about staying home at night rather than going out to party. They even had an amazed Michael Strahan telling viewers how wierd an occurence he thought it to be the first time he noticed Shockey stay home. Seriously? You guys did a whole piece on this? Wow, I'm so happy for Shockey. Is ESPN so into giving hand jobs to the NFL that they'll spend ten minutes demonstrating how a one-time party guy is beginning to mellow? I'm a little confused. Maybe the show should be renamed, "Stupid Crap That Has Nothing To Do with Football."

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