Monday, November 21, 2005

Who were those guys?

by BH

Don't look now, but the Forty-Niners are starting to play respectable, if not good, football. Yes, they have a 2-8 record, but the last four games have been hard fought, mostly close games. Starting in week 7 against Tampa, San Francisco has basically been in each game until the fourth quarter. Week 9's final score against New York looked bad, but it was 10-6 going into the final period. No one thought the Niners were going to anything against Seattle yesterday. The defense did a pretty good job against the NFL's top offense, and San Fran's offense finally broke its touchdown drought. Ken Dorsey looked like an NFL quarterback, and Brandon Lloyd looked like a stud. Next week's game at Tennessee might give us all a better idea about where this team is in its development.

I love watching Carson Palmer. During Sunday Night Football, the question was asked whether the Cincy/Indy score had to do with good offense or bad defense, to which Joe Theisman replied, "It's Peyton Manning." I don't know if he meant it to mean that the Bengal offense only played well due to bad Colt defense, but Theisman's an idiot anyway. Palmer has turned into a great quarterback.

After the Patriots jumped out to a lead against the Saints, Erik Kuselias asked Sean Salisbury if it was going to be a statement game for New England. Of course, Salisbury said yes before he had thought about it. I don't think you can have a statement game against a team that's 2-7 coming in. Even so, the statement they expected never game, for the Saints made a game out of it.

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