Friday, November 25, 2005

More Mind of Kings Fans

The following is another email exchange between two die-hard Sacramento Kings fans -- myself (SonDog -- living in Vail) and Aaron (OZ -- living in Sacramento) --

SonDog -- Isn't it an odd feeling as a Kings fan, especially (truly, only) after seven years of success, to know going into a game against San Antonio that you virtually have no chance to win?

OZ -- That's not really fair. SA is at the absolute pinnacle of their dynasty in the making (uh oh, I used the word dynasty) and no team in the game goes into a matchup with them right now thinking, "OK, now this is one of those games that we need to just play our game and we'll be in it in the end." No they're thinking, "OK, we need to play better than we ever have or we're going to get embarrassed tonight."

SonDog -- Maybe, but wouldn't you agree that even during the Lakers' dynasty, you still felt like Sac had a chance to win the game? I didn't feel that at all against Detroit or San Antonio. I don't think I'll feel that way against Miami or Indiana either.

Tonight's game against New Jersey is huge. I hate it when people say that this early in the season, but they need to win each of these next three games (Jersey, forgot who, Charlotte) to get back to .500 and get this season going. You do know that they are second to last in the West right now, right?

OZ -- The "forget who" is actually Toronto, and yes they should win the next three games. As I said earlier though, it wouldn't break my heart if they lost and Adelman was fired (though I thank that means Geoff Petrie leaves too). This team needs a new face on the sideline and as long as Pete Carrill stays, I don't think the offense could do anything but improve with fresh ideas, and there's no question the defense could improve. You're a moron if you think they'll stay at the bottom in the West.

SonDog -- You're a moron if you think Carrill stays if Adelman and Petrie leave. The only reason Yoda is still on the bench is because of Petrie. Remember, he almost left to help Doc Rivers in Boston two years ago, but he cited his loyalty to Geoff and Rick as the reason for staying. Nope, if Adelman is canned, it'll be an entirely new system on offense and defense, no doubt.

I'm not saying they'll stay at the bottom of the West, but I'm not the one (ahem) who predicted they would challenge for a #1 or #2 seed in the West, either. What were you thinking? This is a flawed roster (especially on the bench) with some serious need for players who can penetrate, create their own shot, jump higher than three inches... Basically, it's void of athletes. I still think they'll make the playoffs. But, like I predicted, it will be in the bottom half of the West (i.e., seven or eight seed at best).

The Kings' lack of athleticism shows up on this play when Jason Kidd fakes both Brad Miller and Mike Bibby out of their shorts

OZ -- Which proves that all the alcohol you consume has made you a pessimist. This team played HORRIBLE and still managed to score 100+ points and take the best team in the world to the last minute. That spells potential, and I still say there are not many teams better than them in the Western conference. Next thing you'll say is that you bought a Brand jersey and the Clippers are going to win it all since they have the best record in basketball.

SonDog -- Go join Grant Napear and Jerry Reynolds in Team Overly Optimistic, why don't you. They didn't score 100+. Look at the box score. In fact, they have yet to win a game this year when they didn't score 100+ points. And the Spurs simply let them back in the game. It wasn't as much what the Kings did as much of what San Antonio didn't do. Revisionist history, my good friend.

Do you honestly still think this is a top-4 Western Conference team? Seriously, are you using meth? The Clippers are for real. $100 says they make the playoffs. In fact, if Minnesota, Golden State, and the Clippers all make the playoffs, that means three teams from last year's playoffs will not make the cut. San Antonio, Dallas, and Denver are locks. Let's say San Antonio, Dallas, Denver, Minnesota, Golden State, and the Clips all make it. That leaves two remaining spots between Houston, Sac, Memphis, Seattle, and Phoenix.

OZ -- Wow. It's not even noon and you're already drunk. You do realize you said, "The Clippers are for real."? If you mean the tangibility of the team then yes they are, but if you mean that they'll make a run for the conference, then you've officially put an exorbitant amount of credit into the first 10 games. The Kings are better than Minn, GS, the lame ass Clips, and in my opinion Denver, though I don't expect an agreement there. Belittling their effort against SA doesn't change that they were in the game, with an equally poor effort mind you. Garcia was still in the game, which should tell you something.

You're shooting your load a little too early with these prediction changes. 10 games is just 10 games. The Clips could lose the next 10 and nobody would be surprised. If the Kings are still 2 to last in the west after the next 10, people will be surprised, myself included.

SonDog -- I can't believe you still think this team is better than Denver or Golden State (and, no, I can't believe I just said that either). Remember, I predicted GS to finish sixth in the West before the season started, so this has a lot more to do than just the first 10 games. So, you are saying that the only two teams in the West better than Sac are San Antonio and Dallas?!?! What the hell is wrong with you, you uncoditional loyalist?!?!

The Clippers, I don't know enough about yet. However, I'm glad that comment got under your skin, because that's exactly what it was designed to do (I'll still take that bet, though).

10 games is 1/8 of the season, Mr. Accountant. If they are to win 50 games, like you suggest, then they need to go 46-25 from now until the end of the year. Do you think that is realistic with this roster? I'm not saying it can't be done, but I just have not been impressed with this team on a consistent basis. Then again, Denver was in the same position last year, and they went into the playoffs as the hottest team in basketball (and lost in the first round because they were a 7 seed).

OZ -- 4-6 seed at worst....and if you ever compare me to the moron twins again I'll tell the world about your Posh Spice obsession.

Of course they can win 50. 46-25 is by no means impossible for this team. No question. They have the talent, even with their lack in athleticism. Are you saying they can't win two out of three games every week?

As for your GS prediction, wasn't Houston right above them?

SonDog -- I hate you. Happy Thanksgiving.

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