Friday, November 11, 2005

Stuff I was thinking about

by BH

Ah the pleasure derived from debate surrounding postseason awards. Today, Chris Carpenter was awarded the NL Cy Young award over second place Dontrelle Willis and third place Roger Clemens. Now, I have no problem with Carpenter edging out Willis, but the gap in points between Carpenter and Willis, and Clemens is mind-boggling. While most people, and certainly voters, undoubtedly looked at Clemens’ number of wins versus those of Carpenter and Willis, his ERA was a ridiculously low 1.87. That is almost a run per nine innings better than Carpenter (2.83) and Willis (2.63). Clemens allowed a .189 batting average against, compared to .231 for Carpenter and .243 for Willis. And it’s not as though voters weren’t aware of the Astros inability to score runs this season when Clemens was on the mound. I heard a stat in which the Astros were shut out like seven times in Clemens starts. I understand the reasoning behind Willis and Carpenter receiving so much support, for the number of wins a starter receives is important. ERA seems like a far more reasonable means by which to compare pitchers though. I’m having a hard time understanding the reasoning employed by those who had Clemens down the list.

Brian Dawkins has got to be the dirtiest player in the NFL. Every time I watch an Eagles game, which lately seems to be every weekend, he seems to be the guy giving a little extra shot to a guy at the end of a play. It’s like every other play, Dawkins comes in just after the tackle has been made, and does just enough to get a player in the back or helmet with his knee or something like that. I honestly can’t stand to watch the guy play.

While we’re on the subject of asshole Eagles players, ESPNnews spent roughly 46% of its ½ hour broadcast the other night on Terrell Owens, his apology, and other T.O. related garbage. Yay ESPN! Hooray for your undeniable ability to beat a story, or non-story into the ground. He’s an idiot that says stupid stuff. A lot. It’s seriously become like if you were to spend all day making fun of Kevin Federline or Vanilla Ice. It’s no longer clever, funny, or provocative. And good job breaking the story about Sheryl Swoopes being gay. I thought it was "ESPNnews," having to do with sports, not "ESPNstuffthatdoesn'tmatterwhenwatchinghighlights."

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