Thursday, November 24, 2005

"Real Deer Hunters"

by SonDog

The above title to this post is the subject line in the email I received that contained the two images below. While these images certainly sucked out what was the life out of my ego (Two things: 1) Remember, I hunted for three days in California and shot with the accuracy of a cross-eyed, one-legged dyslexic with a horrible case of vertigo, and 2) Their guns are A LOT bigger than mine), I would be remiss if I didn't extend my congratulations to my good friend Caroline and her brother for their expert marksmanship. To the Hardin family in Arkansas, and all of our loyal readers, BH and I wish you a Happy Thanksgiving.

This is what "real" deer hunters look like after a successful hunt


Caroline said...

Now THAT'S the kind of post I'm talking about! But how did you manage to make it through the entire thing without using the word "redneck"? I was just waiting. Thanks for the shout-out homie. See you Tuesday when you can add the pictures of me catching world-record trout. Gotta love Arkansas!!

SonDog said...

It was Thanksgiving, so I thought I would be kind.